Hiding the Land Grant Trophy in Your Favorite TV Shows

By Nick Polak on December 11, 2020 at 8:30 am
The Good Place? More like the The Grant Place.

It's the most wonderful weekend of alllllll.

The Land Grant Trophy up for grabs this week as Penn State and Michigan State are set to battle it for the right to carry that majestic beast off the field. In the past, we've shown you how to build your own version of the trophy. We've shown you how to destroy that version of the trophy. We've shown you how to build an edible version of the trophy. We've shown you how to build a Lego version of the trophy. We've remade our favorite bedtime classics into Land Grant-inspired best-sellers.

Now, from your friends at Roar Lions Roar who are dedicated to delivering to you the best Land Grant Trophy content year-in and year-out, we present to you, the Land Grant Trophy in your favorite television shows.

Arrested DEvelopment


When Michael and Buster traveled to Iraq to get their brother GOB out of prison, they paid a visit to the model home built by their father that was housing more than a few secrets.

The Good Place


After being reset, Janet's abilities are all over the place, causing her to have an inability to create anything other than the world's greatest treasure.



Pierce may have been annoying in life, but in death, he had important gifts to pass on to his friends.

Park and Rec


Nothing gets the people of Pawnee, Indiana riled up like this beauty.

the Simpsons


Stealing the credit, as always.

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