Gavin Teasdale Transfers to Iowa

By Rob Dougherty on July 3, 2019 at 3:55 pm
Gavin Teasdale is the second PSU lightweight to transfer to another Big Ten school.

Former Penn State wrestler and cadet world team member Gavin Teasdale has transferred to Iowa. He announced that he was going to leave Penn State in January 2019, and he has decided to go to Iowa, the first school he had committed to when he was in high school. 

In Teasdale's interview with the PA Power podcast, he said that he has been training at Iowa for approximately three months. He also did not hold punches when talking about his experience at Penn State. 

“You don’t really know about Penn State’s style until you’re up there. It just didn’t work for a guy like me. I need a hands-on type of coach who’s there for you through thick and thin and just has a passion about the sport. It’s not just about you on the mat. It’s about you as a man as well.”

This quote is probably going to get interpreted in a variety of ways. It probably should not be literally interpreted that Cael Sanderson does not have a passion for wrestling, the only thing he's ever done. Teasdale joins Nick Suriano as another high profile lightweight transfer from the Penn State program. Ever since Nico Megaludis' NCAA championship in 2016, Penn State has had zero All-Americans at 125 pounds. It's rare to find a performance that is not exceptional in the Penn State program, but 125 pounds has been a frustrating weight. 

However, things are not looking too bad for the Nittany Lions. They just captured their fourth straight NCAA team title and landed commitments from two elite lightweight prospects in Robbie Howard and Beau Bartlett. Howard just made his third straight cadet world team and Bartlett just finished eighth as a high school junior at the US Open. Brody Teske also figures to be in the mix as a potential starter for the 2019-20 season, and he was a top-50 pound-for-pound recruit in 2018. 

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