No. 1 Iowa 19, No. 2 Penn State 17 - Hawkeyes Clinch Win At Heavyweight

By Rob Dougherty on February 1, 2020 at 10:40 am
Tony Cassioppi clinched the dual for Iowa last night.
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No. 2 Penn State fought and battled hard at No. 1 Iowa, but the Hawkeyes were able to  clinch the win at heavyweight. This dual had a little bit of everything, but the Nittany Lions came up just short despite Vincenzo Joseph getting his first career win over Alex Marinelli. 

Iowa 19, Penn State 17 Results
Weight Winner Loser Result
125 pounds No. 1 Spencer Lee Brandon Meredith TF 16-1, Iowa 5-0
133 pounds No. 3 Roman Bravo-Young No. 2 Austin Desanto MFF, Penn State 6-4*
141 pounds No. 2 Nick Lee Carter Happell TF 20-5, Penn State 11-4
149 pounds No. 3 Pat Lugo Jarod Verkleeren Dec. 6-1, Penn State 11-7
157 pounds No. 5 Kaleb Young Bo Pipher Dec. 6-1, Penn State 11-10
165 pounds No. 1 Vincenzo Joseph No. 2 Alex Marinelli Dec. 7-5, Penn State 14-10
174 pounds No. 2 Michael Kemerer No. 1 Mark Hall Dec. 11-6, Penn State 14-13
184 pounds No. 9 Aaron Brooks No. 6 Abe Assad Dec. 7-3, Penn State 17-13
197 pounds No. 7 Jacob Warner No. 18 Shakur Rasheed Dec. 4-2, Penn State 17-16
285 pounds No. 3 Tony Cassioppi No. 15 Seth Nevills Dec. 7-0, Iowa 19-17

* - Iowa's bench was docked a team point following an injury stoppage in the match between Austin Desanto and Roman Bravo-Young.

This dual had a bit of everything, but the two most important takeaways from it were Vincenzo Joseph's win over Alex Marinelli and Michael Kemerer's win over Mark Hall. 

No. 1 Vincenzo Joseph picked up his first career win over No. 2 Alex Marinelli in the best match of the year in college wrestling. Joseph and Marinelli locked up one-on-one, with Joseph winning the upper body exchanges this time around. Marinelli kept looking to go upper body, as he had so much success with that against Joseph. This time, however Joseph was able to hit a lateral drop to give himself a big six-point move in the second period to improve to 1-2 in his career against Marinelli. 

Joseph was unafraid to go into upper body ties with Marinelli, and really kept his composure despite being in some dicey situations. He appeared to just trust his skills and take the openings that came to him. This win will be very useful for Big Ten Tournament seeding as well. 

No. 2 Michael Kemerer's upset win win over No. 1 Mark Hall 11-6 is the match that ultimately gave the Hawkeyes a chance. Kemerer was active and got to Hall's legs, who just never got going. This was not the most vintage Mark Hall display you will see. His defense was not at its best, and it will be interesting to see what happens when these two meet later on down the line. Kemerer really wrestled well, and Hall is going to have to make adjustments. Hall will finish his NCAA career 0-2 in Carver-Hawkeye Arena, as he lost there as a true freshman as well. 

The match between No. 3 Roman Bravo-Young and No. 2 Alex Desanto hardly got going before Desanto had to injury forfeit out. This gave the Nittany Lions a nine-point swing, as Desanto was favored heading into the match. Bravo-Young was in on a shot and went for a cradle, but Desanto tweaked his knee. The referee gave a peculiar stoppage as Bravo-Young did not do anything illegal to get to the cradle either. It ultimately does not matter because the match gave Penn State six team points. Iowa had a team point docked for their bench's conduct after Desanto hurt his knee. 

No. 2 Nick Lee defeated 141-pound backup Carter Happel in very comfortable fashion with a 20-5 technical fall. Lee nearly had Happel locked up in a cradle, but ultimately could not finish it. The other win for Penn State came from No. 9 Aaron Brooks picking up a very strong 7-3 decision over No. 6 Abe Assad. Brooks was very poised and rode Assad well. He was able to dominate the match from neutral and Assad just did not get going. 

The rest of the dual went as expected for Iowa. No. 1 Spencer Lee picked up a dominating technical fall over Brandon Meredith. No. 3 Pat Lugo picked up a comfortable 6-1 decision over Jarod Verkleeren. Perhaps the only other news from the dual was that No. 4 Brady Berge did not wrestle again, and Bo Pipher was sent out in a 6-1 loss to No. 5 Kaleb Young. 

The final two matches of the dual were the wins the Hawkeyes needed to beat Penn State. At 197 pounds, No. 7 Jacob Warner defeated No. 18 Shakur Rasheed by a 4-2 decision. Michael Beard was in the arena, but Cael Sanderson decided to wrestle Rasheed instead. The score may have been 4-2, but Rasheed never really got close on a takedown attempt, Warner was well in control. 

Iowa won the dual at heavyweight when No. 3 Tony Cassioppi defeated No. 15 Seth Nevills in a 7-0 decision. There was a great scramble in the first period when this score was 0-0 that gave Nevills a chance to score the opening takedown. He had Cassioppi's leg up for what seemed like an eternity, he tried numerous foot sweeps, but could not finish the takedown. Cassioppi ended up countering this situation for a takedown and first period rideout. After Cassioppi got that takedown, he was able to dominate the action.

It's difficult to know what to think after a dual like this and how it could potentially impact NCAAs. The Desanto injury could really hurt Iowa depending its severity, but the Kemerer win over Hall also creates more chaos at 174 pounds.That's to a huge win, Brooks is ahead of Assad right now. Ultimately, the Hawkeyes are still favorites, but Penn State appears to be closer than the polls indicate right now. 

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