Welcome to Roar Lions Roar, Your New Home for Penn State Sports

By Chris Grovich on July 31, 2016 at 2:28 pm
Roar Lions Roar

Welcome to Roar Lions Roar, your new favorite home for Penn State sports news, editorials, interviews, and analysis. We hope you will find the drinks cold and the takes room temperature. You will certainly recognize many of the names on our masthead from other sites or the marginally sane world of Penn State Twitter. Every member of our team is either a Penn State alumnus or current student. We have an experienced, sharp, hilarious writing staff, and could not be any more excited for RLR. We are very happy you're here, too.

If the site design and features seem familiar, there’s a good reason for that. We are extremely happy and grateful to be associated with our friends at Eleven Warriors, the magnificent and massive Ohio State site that has remained one of the few independent destinations for college sports. Just like 11W, our site will focus heavily on football, basketball, and recruiting, although we won’t forget Penn State's wrestling, hockey, and other programs that dedicate their existence to making us even more proud to be Nittany Lions. Joining us on this journey are our long-time friends from Iowa superblog Black Heart Gold Pants. You can now find them at Go Iowa Awesome. We're getting the band back together.

Jump in and become part of our community by registering for a free account. You’ll be able to use the features of this wonderful platform, including the ability to leave comments, participate in the forums, and be eligible for site contests and giveaways.

Please, please read our commenting policy and FAQ. They include helpful guidance on our vision for the RLR community, with particular emphasis on how we will treat the Jerry Sandusky scandal. RLR is about the present and future of Penn State athletics. We will only permit discussion of the scandal as it pertains to the current and future athletic programs at Penn State. If you want to discuss the court proceedings, the statue, or the hot takes of some media hack in Chicago, this is not the site for it. Take those opinions elsewhere, and we will welcome you with open blog arms when you’re ready for discussions about James Franklin’s recruiting or Pat Chambers’ options off the bench.

We are grateful and thrilled that you’ve joined us. Thank you.

Tuddies and Buckets Forever,

The RLR Staff

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