WHERE IS MY SHIRT: When To Expect Your King Kitty Gear

By Chris Grovich on December 21, 2016 at 7:49 pm
Roar Lions Roar merchandise
Breathe deeply, friends. They're o

Thank you, a million times over, for everyone who ordered the 2016 Champs shirts from Store Lions Store. Behind the scenes, they've affectionately become known as the King Kitties.

The kitties are coming, very soon. The shirts are currently being printed by our best friend forever, Mitch at Humbly Made. Here he is at work:

It's quite the process, but know that you're supporting a small business and a great guy. Also know that you're getting a handcrafted, high-quality product. Basically, trust the process.

Of course, the issue with pre-sale offers is that it takes a week or two to collect the orders, then some extra time for the shirts to be printed, shipped to me, then shipped to you. I'm expecting them at my house early next week, and I'll spend the subsequent week packaging and shipping them to you.

If you need your shirts for the Rose Bowl, hit me up at chris at roarlionsroar dot com and I'll do my best to get your order out ASAP.

Also, because my wife just yelled at me due to the state of our dining room climate controlled warehouse, please take pity on the Christmas Eve guests that will be eating on the floor.

Despite the crush of orders (again, thank you), we will still have a few available in each size. We also have a fresh batch of our ever-popular Bunch of Fighters shirts on the way. Also, still a few hoodies available in most sizes. The hoodies are amazing, by the way. We've had more than one person tell us it's the most comfortable piece of clothing they own.

So for the third time, thanks for supporting the site with your wallets. You're all the best. We Are.


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