Roar Lions Radio (Episode 1.47): James Franklin Contract Extension Talk and Who We Would Add to the PSU Roster

By Nick Polak on August 21, 2017 at 8:45 am
James Franklin with Steven Gonzalez.

Alex Robinson, Roar Lions Roar


Apologies for the lateness here- we recorded on Thursday and then had difficulties getting it posted, so this will be a two podcast week! Also, apologies for the sound differential between the two voices- it will be better next time.

Nick and Bill are back once again to talk about James Franklin's contract extension and what they wanted to see included in it. The guys also take the time to appreciate the rest of the conference by choosing one player that they would take from another Big Ten team and put on Penn State's roster for the 2017 season.

Finally, they discuss expectations surrounding Penn State heading into the season, which despite the hype around the team, seem to be fairly reasonable from most.

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