Rutgers Falls to Kansas, 55-14

By Dan Vecellio on September 15, 2018 at 5:43 pm
LOL Rutgers
Denny Hedley - USA Today

Rutgers, of Rutgers infamy, is not a very good college football team. That's fine! Last week, they lost by a bunch of points to Ohio State. Which is also fine! Ohio State is very good! 

But this week, well, it's probably not fine.

On Saturday, Rutgers went into the belly of the beast, if that beast was a poodle or chihuahua or some other small, harmless dog AKA Lawrence, Kansas and lost to (what was) the worst Power 5 team of the past decade. And it wasn't close! The Jayhawks, who broke a 47-game FBS losing streak last week when they beat Central Michigan, demolished the Scarlet Knights, 55-14.