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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Either Penn State beating Michigan in four overtimes or the USMNT's 2-0 over Mexico in Columbus in 2013.
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Comment 01 Aug 2017

I read "Lavar set the mood for the battle with the Badgers" and briefly wondered what LaVar Ball did because I am a tremendous idiot.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

1. Any relation to Matthew Dayes? Not being snarky or anything, he ruled.

2. I think the whole "can send dudes to the pros" thing is a bit of a crapshoot for really any position – if you're good at what you do, you have a chance to make it to the pros. Plus in the period of time that Marmalard/Wilson/Glennon/Brissett have made it to the pros, Penn State has gone through, how do I say this delicately, a lot of changes on the offensive side of the ball. You make a fair point, I simply disagree with the argument as being relevant, especially if NC State is going to overhaul its staff this offseason and Penn State can manage to keep Joe Moorhead.

3. To be clear, I think NC State is the favorite to land Leary until we have reason to believe otherwise. Just saying there's a lot that can happen between now and signing day that throw NC State into a weird spot.

4. Please beat Pitt this year.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

One thing to add on Leary – there are few coaches in college football on a hotter seat heading into this season than NC State's Dave Doeren. They've gotten better under him but it somewhat feels like they've hit a ceiling, and last year, there were plenty of people calling for his job. A few highlights:

1. From NC State's student newspaper, "If Dave Doeren is the head coach next season, expect more of the same. If NC State Athletics is satisfied with this mediocrity, then by all means, continue to wade in the waters of a six-win season. Doeren has had his opportunity and, in year four, the product truly isn’t good enough to satisfy the contract that he operates under."

2. From NC State's SB Nation site, "Both fan support and recruiting suggest that the life is draining out of Doeren’s efforts here. You almost certainly can’t pull a turnaround out of these circumstances, and I think I’ve seen enough of Doeren’s in-game coaching to rule one out. We pretty much know what we’ve got by now. 

I understand that this couldn’t possibly be an easy decision one way or the other for Debbie Yow. I get it. If Dave Doeren gets another year, I’m not going to be furious. Disappointed, probably, but not furious. Kinda like how I felt as we again handed away a football game on Saturday."

We saw last year with Mark Gottfried that Debbie Yow has no problem pulling the plug at any time on a coach who isn't getting the job done. I'm not saying Doeren's absolutely getting fired and Leary is absolutely coming to Penn State, rather just pointing out that there could be some uncertainty for that program on the horizon if NC State isn't able to have a year that can save Doeren's job.

Comment 03 May 2017

To actually write out my thoughts on the play:

1. It was CFB Twitter's favorite play executed perfectly. Whenever we see a good wheel route, we all lose our minds. When we saw it in the Big Ten title game it was to cap off a massive comeback by our favorite team and score a game-winning touchdown. It does not get better than this.

2. It prominently involved Saquon Barkley.

3. A Watt looked bad.

4. Gus Johnson Gus Johnson'd.

It was everything.