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Comment 27 Oct 2019

It was a great win, the defense played great, special teams were pretty good-several early mistakes, offense played great half the game, again. The D gave the O several chances to bury Sparte but they couldn't execute. We couldn't run the ball in the second half. Whatever is going on with Noah is either secret or pathetic. When Slade plays more than Cain we have a problem somewhere.  Clifford was steady but off in the 2nd half with one really bad throw for an Int, we have a punter for that job, it wasn't a substitute for a punt just a bad play. Why in H.ll did we throw the ball three times with 8 minutes left? We humbled the Spartans at home for sure but we failed to play a complete dominate game. Yes, the weather was bad but Michigan played later in worse. It was a 3 game run few thought we could sweep. We need the rest because Minn away will be no cakewalk. One final note, the player that spit on a MSU player should be severally disciplined. That stunt was disgusting and an embarrassment to the team and the Nittany Nation.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

I stated earlier the better QB's were coming and we've been hit for almost 300 yds a game, both 1 score games but victories. Now we get the better of the three at MSU. If we hold the ball and run we'll be fine, 3 and outs build up we're toast. Our secondary and its style cannot stand up against an air onslaught from Lewereke.  Again I say, this is the game for Franklin to really prove something, in my opinion.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

Watched the Big 10 show last night they all picked MSU in the upset. Franklin is what 1 for 6 against MSU. Its a trap game after 2 battles but this could be the biggest chance to make a statement in Franklins' tenure. 

Comment 20 Oct 2019

The same Mich defense that was plowed by Wisc that got beat by the Illini, really? We were out coached and dominated the majority of that game and in every category, yes except for the final score, which had it not been for a blatant drop could have burst that bubble. The OC is in over his head, and Franklin is either complacent or oblivious. Love the Nits but we need better leadership in several areas, to be ELITE. Our dominant D line was also neutralized but gave it their best which is all one can ask there. God help us in the shoe if a real game plan isn't devised and MSU always out coaches us no matter where we play them.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

Any win over Mich is a great win but what a sorry performance after halftime. I put it completely on the coaches. Anyone who isn't ready for Rahne to go by now can't be watching the same games. We will never be elite with the plays he has us run. The Nits played hard but to have the D, regardless of substitutions, on the field that long because of constant three and outs is incompetent. We went for the deep patterns regardless of situation. We are 7-0 but what we saw in this game was not a top 10 team performance and that is on the coaches. For Franklin, what the H is going through his head; the rugby punting is just plain stupid and Cain getting 5 carries and none in the 1st half is senseless, the excuses on the post game were lame. The fans and the players pulled this out for the coaches but at MSU and OSU we will be at the mercy of these ridiculous plays and schemes. On a side note the Refs once again are ruining the game, for both sides with their incompetence. 

Comment 16 Oct 2019

D has been a pleasant surprise to say the least, I'm still concerned about secondary because of the real passing games we haven't met yet. Iowa QB got hot for one series and bang bang TD, which put them in reach to win at the end. Special teams had one bad game but are much improved over last year, field goal team hasn't been really tested yet.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

The O has been OK. However, against the 2 best teams we played they were sub par. Clifford is in this boat too, but he hasn't been foolish.  Against Iowa the O looked good at times. With the teams coming up we must improve because they can strike quick and our secondary is our weakest link. If we can run the ball the next few weeks we should stay in the hunt.

Comment 13 Oct 2019

It was a TD, no views from the TV announcers even suggested it wasn't. However, after that the other two called back were holds. It did seem like only PSU was called when at one point we had a D-lineman being strangled on a big Iowa play. Anyway, we won, they played hard, coaches could have done better. Why did we stop blitzing when are two best lineman were on the bench during their TD drive? I still believe our secondary is in for a real awakening from the passing games to come if they don't improve. Running game was OK, at least it resembled a running game. Why don't we have or get a play from under center on short yardage for goodness sake. Clifford didn't do great, he's a work in progress and not a first year star. We are all set for a big one next week it should be crazy.

Comment 11 Oct 2019

Any hit to OSU is a plus for Nittany Nation. Synder is a class guy and will be welcomed here.  All college rivalries aside he is now on the USA team, we can all root for that. Good luck big guy and I hope our studs won't be to hard on you.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

The 1st qtr and the last part of the 4th was super. The time in between was sloppy, and not fun to watch, with the exception of the D which pummeled the wounded Boilmakers without mercy. Special teams was horrible, punts were bad, fumble, missed FG this stuff was troublesome and should never happen like this regardless of score. The offense was probably stymied by the coaches and lost its rhythm. Their was time Clifford looked for the first time as a new QB. The run game should have been dominant but it wasn't. Cain cemented his spot in my opinion as the top RB. Most of the run yards were in the 4th when the game was already decided. I have to say our secondary may be ripe for the picking with the QB's and receivers coming up, just didn't like the coverage I saw against a freshman QB. We have a lot to fix, refine and get better to weather the next three games. Our first real test will be Iowa on the road.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

This is all BS, leave it to the nutcases in Calf. to start something like this. Anyone that thinks this won't be used deceptively is blind. I know only a few big recruits will benefit from this but many programs without big markets will be left out.  This has to be stopped somehow or college sports, especially football and b-ball , will be ruined. College football deserves to die if the players can't compete for the highest bidders, just wait to the alumni and boosters bring out the cash that's when it should die. Good god what a lame statement.

Comment 27 Sep 2019

I don't know about the sandbagging, Pitt is not a bad team and we were awfully confused alot that game. This game was probably one of the best overall games of the Franklin era. I feel much better with Iowa and Mich coming the next few weeks. Again, the speed on defense is amazing and the offense showed its speed really for the first time.  The only downside was the performance of the Terps, did we really outclass them that much or are they extremely overrated.  Purdue will give us another shot at a better test before the big horses show up. Keep up that fire Nits and we'll be OK.

Comment 27 Sep 2019

Hope he learned his lesson. He has been lucky with this head first stuff in the past tonight was the gotcha game. I hate the way this rule is imposed, it's probably needed to some degree but it is ruining the game, especially the way its enforced with these ejections for minor hits.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

A DB that will guard someone on third down, a back that won't fumble, a lineman that will disrupt the backfield, I don't care who just anybody to step up. On a coaching note how about an OC that can call a third down play that works.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Until this O line play is fixed, if it can be, and the play calling is at an "elite" college level we're screwed. Also a pass rush and pass defense would be required.