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Comment 22 May 2019

Maybe this serves as a little reality check for me. As I was reading this article basically every player I came up with an excuse to put a tier higher, especially Windsor/Parsons/Taylor.

I think there's a chance we see Clifford sneak onto this list as the 3rd/4th.I can't see projecting Patterson/Fields as 1/2 with both coming into new systems. 

Otherwise I'm impressed with how overall balanced the lists look. It's not as dominated by UM/OSU/MSU/PSU as I thought it would be, there's a really good spread across the conference, especially on defense.

Comment 08 May 2019

Which year did we have an unbalanced roster under Franklin? 

Year Total S&P+ Offense S&P+ Defense S&P+ Teams Better Than Us at Both
2016 11th 23rd 25th Alabama, Washington, USC, Louisville, Florida State, Clemson
2017 6th 5th 10th Ohio State
2018 15th 36th 11th Clemson, Miss St, Washington, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan

You'll notice only 3 teams appear on this list more than once: Clemson, Alabama, and Washington. It's not damning to be less consistent than those teams.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

How so?

  • Noncon: 2018 App State/at Pitt/Kent State is more difficult than 2019 Idaho/Buffalo/Pitt
  • Michigan/Ohio State home/away doesn't affect difficulty
  • Maryland/Rutgers home/away flipping doesn't affect difficulty
  • Indiana is tricky, but we get at home this year, so easier
  • Big Ten west we switch from at Illinois/Wisconsin to at Minnesota/Purdue. Doesn't move the difficulty needle
  • Other two games, at Iowa and at Michigan State both flip road/home venue. We're going to be slightly favored in both games, so I don't see projecting worse than 1-1 as plausible
Comment 12 Mar 2019

Probably because MSU feels like the most attainable win of the teams that Franklin is 1-4 (1-5?) against, because we have a clear talent advantage, plus the fact that we go into the season with 1 goal: winning the Land-Grant Trophy.

All that actually matters with MSU though is the fact that Felton Davis is graduating. Without him we beat them each of the last 2 years.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

I'm super excited about the chance to see Oweh opposite YGM on the ends, but it's also shocking to be reminded Simmons could still be here for 2 more seasons. If he puts it together, add in Windsor really turning it on in the last third of the season that unit could be scary good.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

The depth of talent at each of these spots is staggering, it's an awesome luxury to have that Franklin's earned with all of that recruiting he does.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

I disagree with the view that he shouldn't attempt QB at the NFL level, but I understand how you come to it. I'm just not following the logic at all that he has a chance at all at receiver. We have no idea how well he runs routes or catches. At least with DB he was a 3-star recruit headed to the SEC to play that out of high school.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

This kinda reminds me of when I was applying to Penn State. I wanted to put a Commonwealth campus down in addition to University Park to increase my odds of getting in, but I didn’t want to put a second campus on the sheet in fear that if I did get in they’d put me in my second choice campus.

I opted for the same route as Trace and I’ve got the Temple degree to prove it it worked out great. I hope he proves them all wrong. 

Comment 26 Feb 2019

I wonder if an early loss or two knocking us out of CFP contention could overly deflate the team and spiral down, but 6-6 or 7-5 just feels like such a stretch. Losing to all of UM/OSU/MSU, plus 2 of Pitt, Iowa, Purdue, Minnesota, Indiana. 

If that does happen, Trace was better than we thought

Comment 21 Feb 2019

Nice! A few years back we had a walk-on from BG in Vegas and at the time it was said how it’s nice to get a foot in the door at high schools which produce so much talent, and to stock the depth chart full of winners. I was skeptical we’d ever really get a guy from there, but it worked out! Awesome to have the QB of the class on board already.