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Comment 20 Oct 2019

To be honest, this is a ludicrous sentiment. Rahne’s offense delivered four touchdowns against one of the best defenses in the nation. After clifford smacked his head on the turf, he was downright poor. Poor reads, poor throws. There were like 3-4 questionable calls, but also some unbelievable calls. I can’t believe the whining we’re seeing for a team who has met even the highest expectations people had going into the season. 

Comment 03 Oct 2019

So it might not be necessarily endorsements, but players can charge a couple bucks for autographs at least. Or sign some jerseys or shoes and not get kicked out of school for it. They could also do some sort of threshold. Let's say Nike wants to use Saquon in national ad campaigns and he gets $1M. The rest of the team could share the wealth with a team tax (30%) on anything over say, $25-50k.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

If anything it benefits smaller markets. Why do you assume only businesses in big markets spend money for advertising? PSU, specifically, is in a very small market. Do you believe Temple football will become a powerhouse because philly businesses will rush to hire Temple athletes to promote their brands? It's literally just readjusting the pie and taking money away from corporations and universities that make billions off these kids. No one gives a crap that Nick Saban makes nearly $10M but if one of his players signs a pair of shoes and sells them for $250, they're kicked out of school. It's utterly hypocritical and completely ridiculous.