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Comment 29 Jun 2018

The point here is college athletes are more than just robots playing a sport for our enjoyment. I know personally that Penn State’s commitment to community service is a big source of pride for me. You don’t often see young people with the courage and perspective of Lamont Wade, and we should do everything we can to support that courage. It doesn’t matter the cause, making a change for good, speaking for those without a voice, using their platform is admirable. Sometimes the causes may be uncomfortable or misunderstood, but I am not sure how anyone can look at Wade’s words and actions and not be impressed. 

Comment 28 Jun 2018

Yeah, man. My jaw dropped when I saw that. The wild part about it is, PSU really only lost a few players on defense from 2016. It shows how valuable Brandon Bell was.

Comment 21 Jun 2018

Eh, the pass rush was only slightly worse from a sack standpoint, and slightly better from a Havoc standpoint. The clue is LB-EWW...

Comment 21 Jun 2018

Thanks for checking them out. This stuff is really great for finding hidden yards/points. The next one on defensive declines will have some huge blaring lights, and I'm guessing people have a good idea what they may be.