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Comment 11 Mar 2019

I see the extremely weird obsession with Mark Dantonio is alive and well. I agree that the B10 East is as wide open as it's been in a bit with the top 3 teams replacing major pieces. MSU is not in that discussion. They have a really good defensive line. They have an atrocious offense which lost its two best players. OSU has to replace a lot and one of the best coaches in college football history. Mich has a ton back on offense except for Higdon and loses a lot on defense. Obviously we know what PSU has to replace.

Comment 01 Feb 2019

It's not really due to the transfers because no one transferring put up any stats worth mentioning. It's McSorley and the early departures for the NFL which comprise most of the lost production.

Bill is amazing, and I love him, but he functionally can't have intimate knowledge of 130 teams.

Comment 01 Feb 2019

I think 2018 showed it a lot. We only returned 31 percent of receptions and 33 percent of receiving yards, but 100 percent of passing yards. DT is certainly a concern, and stats show that Givens may be the player we miss the most following McSorley.

Comment 31 Jan 2019

I guess my question is, why would you hire someone who has flamed out and expect them to somehow be a revelation at PSU, which is a more difficult rebuild than anywhere else? Now to your specific suggestion of Alford, IMO he'd be much better than someone like Seth Greenberg or Tubby Smith. Alford made $2.6M annually, not including an $860k signing bonus and a potential annual bonus pool of $270k. He's also getting $4.4M from UCLA paid in installments through 2021, which I assume he forfeits if he takes another job.

So PSU would have to more than double its head coach salary, along with its assistant pool. That alone is why I don't think you'll see a retread. If you want to modestly expand the coaching salary plus give the program more operational expenses, you're probably hiring someone with a lower profile.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Empty corners, poorly angled temporary seats, cavernous concert arena, they have to pay nearly $500k/year to rent it from the university, etc etc.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

State College has like 60k people. The arena is massive, terrible, and an anchor. There is no fan support, and even a marginal increase doesn't justify a huge outlay in new expenses. Everyone talks about the B10's massive media windfall, and that's true, it's apparently doubled over just a few years ago. But guess what, so has every other conference school's media $. Does zeroing out PSU MBB profits ($5M in FY2017) for new coaches and whatever else (there is only so much they can do to improve the BJC, which isn't even an athletics facility) on a wing and a prayer make sense? There's literally no guarantee on return. The expectation that spending more is going to rectify literally every issue that's been an issue for 25 years is nonsensical. There will likely be a coaching search. People will be enthusiastic. Optimism will abound. Then we'll be doing the exact same song and dance in 5-8-10 years because it's not sustainable without a new building.