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Dan Smith is a staff writer at Roar Lions Roar, covering Penn State basketball and football. He is a 2013 graduate of Penn State with a degree in journalism. Prior to his time at Roar Lions Roar, Dan was a senior writer for Black Shoe Diaries, a columnist for cover32, and the Penn State beat writer for Buzz on Broad. As an undergraduate, he was the executive editor of Penn State student sports station CommRadio.


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Comment 24 Feb 2018

No one is saying any program, coach, or player is in the clear at this point considering what could still come out, but this does not move the needle. Simple odds are that this payment was completely legal, as Newbill spent most of the calendar year 2015 eligible to receive payment since his college career ended in March. Factor in him signing with an agency, these sorts of loans being common for players before they sign contracts, and it simply making very little sense to do something like this right before doing so would have been legal, and I don't think anyone should worry that this particular inclusion means anything.

Comment 14 Feb 2018

In my experience, it has been. The only Penn State fans who really cared about it as a rivalry were those who were around when it was actually happening, or those younger fans who grew up in Penn State households where it was ingrained in them. Personally speaking, I was not even aware of the rivalry because I did not grow up a Penn State fan and started at Penn State nine years after the rivalry ended.

Bringing the home-and-home back now and again is probably the right move. I think doing it every year would be major overkill. It is never going to be what it once was, so spreading it out some is a way to make it an event the way it has been the last two years.

Comment 02 Feb 2018

AAU is the main conduit for recruiting these days. I'm not sure if you just have not been paying attention or are basing this on how recruiting used to be. But to act like you should not recruit players who participate in AAU is basically to say you want to be a mid-major team.

Comment 25 Jan 2018

No need to apologize at all! I am all for healthy disagreements. Chambers has been polarizing, some of us believed with time he could make it work. Unfortunately for Penn State fans, that has not proven to be the case. At the very least, this offseason will allow us to break out of the same circular arguments that been going on for 4-5 years now.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Your obsession with us is very flattering, albeit based in almost pure fiction, up to and including your stating that Eric is from Philadelphia.

At no point in this article, or at any point in this season, have I said that Chambers has to be back next year. I believe everyone here said this was a make-or-break year. And I believe everyone who has posted recently has said this year has clearly been the latter. The disconnect is that we don't write "Fire Pat Chambers" in every headline, which is the only thing that will satisfy you. Sorry to disappoint.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

I think you are taking our slight disagreement over their chances at the tournament after the Northwestern game and turning it into much more of a disagreement than it is. I do not think they were going to make the tournament even if Reaves had not gone out. All that this piece is saying is that Reaves' suspension took them from "long shot" to "confirmed done."

And this is not going to be our only piece of analysis on the team as we head down the stretch. We will be discussing many of the things you are talking about in the coming days and weeks.