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Dan Smith is a staff writer at Roar Lions Roar, covering Penn State basketball and football. He is a 2013 graduate of Penn State with a degree in journalism. Prior to his time at Roar Lions Roar, Dan was a senior writer for Black Shoe Diaries, a columnist for cover32, and the Penn State beat writer for Buzz on Broad. As an undergraduate, he was the executive editor of Penn State student sports station CommRadio, and won a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award along with the rest of the staff of the Centre County Report in 2013.


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Comment 16 Oct 2018

He correctly pointed out that without the parenthetical there that I might be implying Windsor committed a bad penalty, which is good work by our fearless editor, though I have to take credit for improving his suggestion of sending Cannon to "space prison."

Comment 04 Oct 2018

I agree. He may be as big and strong as any receiver in the country, but he doesn't have the speed or catching ability many others have. He's a possession receiver with bad hands at this point, which is a bad combination.

Comment 23 Sep 2018

Again, it's not a personal attack to state that you try to paint McSorley as the downfall of this team. You have said so explicitly. The only thing you disagree with is me saying your arguments are incoherent. Which is your prerogative, but it's not a personal attack to say you are bringing bad arguments clouded by your motivations.

Comment 23 Sep 2018

It's not a personal attack. You've been commenting on this site from the beginning, and you only comment in an effort to attack Trace McSorley. This offense being not good because it was buoyed by Joe Moorhead and Saquon Barkley is a pivotal part of your premise.

I'm not one for predictions. I don't really value opinions. Too much of football is random for me to be invested in "being right" about things. So that's not what I'm concerned about when I write on here. I mostly write about roster management.

But your arguments are so disingenuous and made in bad faith for such nakedly obvious reasons, and this particular line was too absurd to be left on its own. Have they played great opponents? No. But they're showing a lot on offense, despite drops and mistakes, and they've absolutely smoked their last three opponents. Only someone purely motivated by wanting to smear this offense would look at what they've done through the lens of "this is a total fluke and their opponents let this happen."

Comment 23 Sep 2018

Penn State beat Pitt by 45 points (in awful conditions) and Illinois by 39 points, both on the road. Stating that this is the result of just a couple unforced errors is laughable. It's one thing to have a differing opinion than the majority of the fanbase. It's quite another to ignore what is happening and make things up to confirm your predetermined beliefs. This argument is purely the latter and nothing more.

Comment 22 Sep 2018

They're usually much more fragmented in rotating (i.e. a couple changes each series), but it seems that they had some early trouble responding to Illinois's tempo. The wholesale unit change (that first touchdown drive in which only two starters were on the field) is something kind of unprecedented for them. And they didn't go back to it, so I assume they realize it was a mistake.