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Dan Smith is a staff writer at Roar Lions Roar, covering Penn State basketball and football. He is a 2013 graduate of Penn State with a degree in journalism. Prior to his time at Roar Lions Roar, Dan was a senior writer for Black Shoe Diaries, a columnist for cover32, and the Penn State beat writer for Buzz on Broad. As an undergraduate, he was the executive editor of Penn State student sports station CommRadio, and won a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award along with the rest of the staff of the Centre County Report in 2013.


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Comment 06 Jul 2018

His whole series is a terrific read. He has to cover every team in the country and more or less gets it all right. I agree with about 95 percent of what he has to say about Penn State, and it's not like he's making incredibly vague and broad points. There's a lot of detail.

Comment 29 Jun 2018

This whole comment is garbage and more than a little racist.

And "why not allow the investigation to occur" is a good question for this police officer who shot a kid in the back while he was running away unarmed.

Comment 29 Jun 2018

I do not concern myself with those who would stop reading this site because of a post in which we applaud a Penn State athlete for having a social conscience.

Comment 29 Jun 2018

Trying to keep politics out of everything is only an option if you are fortunate enough to live a life that is largely unaffected by politics. Most people do not have that luxury. To me, it is a cheap cop out when people make the case that something should not mix with politics.

This piece by Bill is one of my favorite things this site has published over the last two years. It is imperative that we acknowledge and confront the issues that affect many people in this country, including Penn State's players. I'm not saying this website is going to pivot to having a full political wing, but ignoring what is happening in the world, especially when people like Lamont Wade refuse to, is not something I am interested in doing.

Comment 12 Jun 2018

You talk about this as if it's certain but then cite completely nebulous concepts like "only looking at the plays where they key in on him instead of Barkley." Frankly, I don't trust that you can be a good judge of what the defense is trying to do. You think we're an echo chamber, yet you are one of the only people anywhere I have encountered who thinks McSorley has below average D1 talent. Coaches, fans, analysts, national pundits ... everyone considers McSorley one of the nation's best except for you. And I know you think everyone is in for some sort of rude awakening this year when McSorley takes the field without Moorhead and Barkley. But here's what I think will happen: McSorley will have another good year, be one of the nation's best quarterbacks, maybe win 9 or 10 games, and then you'll say he's the reason they lost the games they lost and that they beat nobodies in all the games they won. Then when McSorley doesn't get drafted because he's too undersized for the NFL, you'll claim the NFL teams all saw what you saw and that you were right the whole time. You'll set the goalposts exactly where they need to be in order for you to win the argument, because that's all you've ever done.

Comment 07 Jun 2018

Not as much as they would at the pro level. And I think part of Carr's problem is that his athleticism is close to peak. He's never going to be a guy who can jump or outrun you.