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Dan Smith covers Penn State men's basketball and football for Roar Lions Roar. He previously wrote for Black Shoe Diaries, Cover32, Buzz on Broad, and CommRadio, where he also served as Executive Editor. Along with the staff of Centre County Report, Dan won a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award in 2013. He graduated from Penn State in 2013 with a degree in journalism, and lives in Philadelphia.


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Comment 19 Jun 2020

So your hypothesis is that it took Joe Moorhead over nine months to realize that Trace McSorley and Christian Hackenberg are two different types of players. You must really have a low opinion of Moorhead's intelligence.

Of course, I'm being sarcastic. I understand your point (even though you're wrong), because you only ever have two points: James Franklin sucks and needs to be saved by actual good coaches, and Trace McSorley sucks and needed to be saved by those good coaches that Franklin sometimes accidentally hires. You manage to crowbar your thoughts on Franklin and McSorley into just about everything you ever whine about on here.

Comment 18 Jun 2020

This is so fascinating and telling. You'd rather have worse talent and slightly overachieve on occasion so that you can sneer at more successful programs for having to rely on money and good recruiting. You dislike Franklin and his "recruiting philosophy" because you can't pretend you hold the moral high ground over the blue blood programs. And let's be clear, it's pretending. You have a very rosy colored outlook on Joe Paterno's tenure and how he led his program, let's just say that.

If you don't like the facilities arms race and spending big money on coaches, that's fine. There's a perfectly legitimate and even moral case to be made that it's not a good thing. But if so, you're following the wrong sport.

Comment 09 Jun 2020

If they're going to buck that trend, tight end seems like the position to do it. This is a highly desirable place for tight end prospects (similar to running back). Think of it from Barnwell's perspective: he's making sure he's THE tight end in this class and not some other highly rated prospect.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Mildly disagree, as Adisa Isaac was almost surpassing him by season's end as a true freshman. I think, either way, he knew he'd be third or fourth on the depth chart at best.

He has the ability to start at a decent school, and a grad transfer makes a ton of sense for a guy like him. On that, we both agree.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

There has been no indication that Shorter is conflicted the way Wade was last season. Everything seems to indicate he wants out. I would be stunned if he returns to Penn State.