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Dan Smith is a staff writer at Roar Lions Roar, covering Penn State basketball and football. He is a 2013 graduate of Penn State with a degree in journalism. Prior to his time at Roar Lions Roar, Dan wrote for Black Shoe Diaries, cover32, and Buzz on Broad, and was the executive editor of Penn State student sports station CommRadio.


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Comment 30 Nov 2017

They did not intend to have this soft of a schedule, I can guarantee you that. The combination of losing a key week of games because of the Big Ten December games and many teams simply not being interested in playing against Penn State worked against them. They try to play in Philadelphia every year. That they have no game there this year should tell you all you need to know about how unwilling teams are to play ball with this program.

And I want to re-watch some of the tape, but I do not recall there being a tremendous number of wide open looks from three for NC State. They were throwing everything in last night. If you're going to have a problem with the coaching staff for last night, I would look at holding off on the press for far too long.

Comment 30 Oct 2017

If your sole criteria for a coach is "must be as good or better than Nick Saban and Urban Meyer," your life as a college football fan is going to be a hellscape forever.

Comment 29 Sep 2017

I wouldn't normally bring it up ... but since the gauntlet has been thrown down, the refereeing in that game clearly favored Iowa. There was a 5-minute stretch early in the second half (I believe starting with the Haley interception) where they blew call after call in Iowa's favor.