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Comment 01 Nov 2016

Through the magic of Timehop I remembered that today is the two year anniversary of the handshake game against Maryland. If someone told me then that two years later, PSU would be 12th in the CFP Rankings, I would've said you're delusional. Glad to be wrong though!

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The fact that PSU now has an opportunity to end up in a three way tie for the B1G East Division is nothing short of remarkable.  Whatever was said during halftime of the Minnesota game lit a fire under this team in a way that none of us could have predicted.  This is shaping up for a great end to this year which will act as a springboard into a spectacular 2017 season. WE ARE...

Comment 18 Oct 2016

I knew Michigan State was having a bad season but after hearing that they are still 19 spots below Notre Dame in the S&P+ rankings was stunning to me. Notre Dame is a tire fire, in a dumpster fire on the surface of the Sun! Great work as always, I was glad you guys recapped the B1G so far since it basically is the halfway point. Looking forward to someone crazily picking a Penn State upset on Sarurday!!

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Definitely agree that the whole "Les Miles to Penn State" thing is way out there.  He is basically a slightly more expensive and slightly better James Franklin.  Also have to agree that Franklin is coaching for his job these next two weeks.  4-2 and heading into the bye will quiet some of the doubters, but 2-4 and I am not sure he will be coaching for the Ohio State game. Gesicki's quote's from earlier today were telling too.  Not that he is playing for CJF's job but that they know how important these two games are for the perception of the program moving forward not just this year, but 2017 and 2018 too.