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Comment 17 Jul 2017

I will pay someone to caption the photo from this article with "Gwydion Lashlee-Walton"

Comment 12 Jul 2017

This is very simple - it's Pat Chambers knowing he's not making the tourney, and Sandy Barbour knowing she's not going to fire him, and padding the record intentionally to make it easier to keep him.  If he schedules a tough OOC, and ends up going something like 14-16 (7-11), it's real tough not to fire Pat.  But 17-13 (7-11)? Well, that looks like progress over 15-18, doesn't it? And hey, there's always a few top 100 prospects we're supposedly in great shape with!

Comment 03 May 2017

You hope that you can find a diamond in the rough, but there's a whole lot of rough out there.

Sure.  But - and this has always been my biggest criticism of Chambers - his under-the-radar recruits just haven't panned out.  Obviously, it's not a good strategy to aim for 2-star players, but Ed DeChellis at least turned a number of those guys into key pieces, either through development or just picking the right guys.  Players like Andrew Jones, David Jackson, Stanley Pringle, Cam Woodyard, Jermaine Marshall, and Ross Travis were middling prospects at best but turned out to be key contributors on solid teams.  

Pat Chambers' list of less-heralded players is Akosa Madugbunam, Donovon Jack, Isaiah Washington, Julian Moore, Graham Woodward, and Davis Zemgulis.  That's...not a great group.

Ideally, you'd have a coach who was as good at getting top prospects as Chambers and good at identifying talent as DeChellis.  And I don't think it has to be such an either/or.

Comment 03 May 2017

Those freshman will likely improve - which is a scary thought, considering how good each of them was at times.  But the Big Ten is going to be a tougher conference next year, and our depth is almost nonexistent.  Expecting a huge jump - after losing your top bench shooter/swingman in Banks, and replacing him with very little in the way of immediate impact? That seems like it's based more on hope than logic.

Comment 03 May 2017

You say that, but isn't that kind of the point? Look at lacrosse - we didn't have a history of a ton of success, then we hired a great coach and bam - we're a contender.  Hiring Sanderson got us to the next level.  Pat Chambers was a good hire for the program we were aspiring to at the time, a guy who'd had success at a midmajor and as a top assistant at a powerhouse in Villanova.  That he has, thus far, happened to not work out doesn't mean that he's a great coach and nobody could win at Penn State.  It just means that he hasn't worked out.  Chris Collins got Northwestern into the tourney.  South Carolina hired Frank Martin and made it to the Final Four.  There's nothing wrong with starting over sometimes.  And now that we've had so much success in other sports (and with the TV deal bringing in $Texas) there's no reason not to go after someone higher-profile than a guy who made one NCAA tournament from Boston University, if it should come to that.

Comment 03 May 2017

Yes, how dare someone suggest that it's a huge let-down to have one of the worst recruiting classes in the country?

On 247, our class ranks 170th in the country.  That's not just worst in the Big Ten, it's 14 spots behind Rutgers.  We're tied with James Madison, Robert Morris, Stony Brook, Louisiana-Monroe, and Wagner.  

Some schools that rank in the top 100 include Stephen F. Austin, South Alabama, UNC Wilmington, La Salle, Loyola-Chicago, Wyoming, and Lehigh.

Yes, that's embarrassing, made all the more so by the fact that Pat actually has been making in-roads, as proven by Watkins, Carr, and Stevens.  He just struck out on every single recruit of consequence, and had to settle for mid-major leftovers this year.  And, again, nothing in his 6 years at Penn State suggests that he has any ability to identify the diamond-in-the-rough.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

So, coming off the heels of an immensely disappointing season, facing what has to finally be a make-or-break year, following the transfer of three players (including the sixth man and only reliable shooter on the team) and desperately needing a reliable big man, Pat's best bet is a JUCO transfer and a decommit from a Patriot League team.  This after signing a 0-star prospect who didn't even have a 247 page.  So much for an immediate impact grad transfer.  God, the commitments of Carr and Stevens feel so long ago, don't they?

Comment 13 Nov 2016

That dream scenario is extra tantalizing because we wouldn't get Bama in the first round. They'd obviously beat the everloving shit out of us, but we could potentially hang with Clemson (though they'd probably be 10-14 point favorites)

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Brian Cook is an incredible interesting case, in that he is basically one of the godfathers of the college football blogging world, built an unbelievably successful site (mgoblog) on his own, but seems to be so utterly devoid of the joy and whimsy that it's all about. 

Comment 03 Sep 2016

Well, McGloin definitely strengthened his arm before the 2012 season, and tightened up his mechanics, because no way someone who threw like he did the previous couple seasons could be an NFL player.  But even before that - and I am not going to be a retroactive McGloin apologist, because I never bought into pre-BOB McMoxie - he didn't lollipop the balls as much as McSorely.

Start this video at 9:00, and look at the next two passes.  There's no way McSorely makes either throw.

Comment 03 Sep 2016

I guess, and I know there were first-game jitters, too, but that lack of arm strength really terrifies me, especially in games against the likes of Michigan and OSU where they'll have insanely athletic DBs sitting on the short routes and LBs ready to jump crossing routes.  And he's not big enough to take the pounding from the 10+ scrambles, designed keepers, and read-option plays without losing any more.  I don't know that Tommy Stevens is the answer, but I have to believe he gives you a better chance moving forward.  Since this year isn't the crucial one, I don't see what you have to lose by putting in the guy with a higher ceiling.  This team has so much fucking talent at WR that it's a real shame that we're not going with a QB who can't take advantage of it.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

It's amazing, for how terrible the last two years have been, just how many great games we've had during the sanction period.  I couldn't have quibbled with literally any game on this list (aside from Rutgers '15) in the top 3. I miss fun football.