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Comment 26 Jul 2017

Proving last year wasn't a fluke would be a great start. Signing him until after this season at the earliest would be irresponsible. If Joe Moorhead leaves, he shouldn't be resigned until after the following season. And regardless of what Matt has to say, there is no danger whatsoever in waiting to resign him. None. That argument is complete and total bunk.

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Fantasy numbers don't impress me. There are a lot of stat monsters that aren't good football players but are simply products of the system, especially at receiver and quarterback. Blacknall has the potential to be the best receiver in the country and that will shine through numbers be darned.

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Did you watch the 4th quarter of the Rose Bowl? It isn't crazy. USC took away the deep pass with a couple of fairly simple adjustments that several Big Ten teams can and will make this year which in turn allowed SC to shut down the offense. The inconsistencies in the offense people keep talking about are directly attributed to the passing game, not the offensive line.

The offensive line was pretty darn good last year despite what a lot of misinformed people think, especially those that frequent the fan sites. We'll some some improvement there, Trace has some headroom in the RPO game but the passing game is maxed out. It won't get any better without a new QB. The film is rather clear on this point whether you like it or not.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

The offensive line played rather well last year. It wasn't their fault they were consistently on the wrong side of the numbers game. The QB was the problem. If McSorley is the QB, nothing will change. Defenses will still load up to stop Barkley and USC wrote the book on how to deal with the deep passes in the fourth quarter.

Comment 23 Jul 2017

If Saeed Blacknall can take another step from last year and be consistent for the entire season, being the top receiver in the Big Ten is the floor. The ceiling is much much higher.

Comment 17 Jul 2017

Nobody tops Penn State's uniforms, especially the home combo which is the best in the business. I wouldn't mind a slight alternation to the road get up. Blue pants perhaps.

On another note, I would love for Michigan State and Ohio State to don the winged helmets for a game against Michigan some day. Both schools did use the design before Michigan after all.

Comment 01 Jul 2017

You don't know that. For all we know, JoeMo would have benched him last year if he had other options, which due to injury he didn't. Moorhead's history says he prefers a combo tight end to a pure receiver. Gesicki's lack of ability in that regard was a big reason for the team's inability to sustain drives. JoeMo has continually evolved and adapted his offense to the talent on hand and will continue to do so.

Comment 29 Jun 2017

It is far from absurd and I am far from the only one that thinks this. Looking at the film, Trace was under tight constraints during the second half and had little freedom regarding the offense. On most plays he had a pre-snap read and a post-snap read and clearly wasn't allowed to throw to certain parts of the field, probably to prevent throws like his last two against USC or his final throw at Pitt, three passes he doesn't have the arm to attempt. We saw the same on the final drive of the previous year's bowl game despite UGA giving him sideline throws with the clock winding down. These are the throws that keep defenses from putting more players in the box than the offense can block which happened a lot. Yes they turned a lot of big plays off the coverages teams employed but it didn't work against the better secondaries they played but for one quarter of the Rose Bowl before USC snuffed it out with a simply adjustment. Trace is a tough as nails competitor and is good enough to get the team to 8 or 9 wins, maybe even 10 against this year's schedule but this team is capable of more. I have seen enough of Trace to be confident in saying he isn't good enough to deliver more. Don't like my logic? Argue it. 

Comment 29 Jun 2017

We need a QB that can execute the entire offense and do it without holding the entire unit back. It might not be Stevens. That player might not be on the roster, but, after a full season, I don't think the incumbent has the physical tools to do it and there is a lot of film on backing up that assessment.

Comment 28 Jun 2017

That is why he needs the chance to prove it on the field. Trace had his. He lost two games, put the team in a lot of bad spots due to his arm and turnover issues and only showed improvement after the OC turned him into a role player mid-season. Stevens may not be the answer but if this team is to legitimately compete for a spot in the playoff, he needs to play. Give him, Zembiec and Clifford a shot in camp. Experience is meaningless when you can't execute the offense.