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Comment 27 Aug 2019

Steak 'N' Bacon hot dogs sound delicious - is $150 for that amount of meat a good deal? Either way, I'm now very much looking forward to lunch

Comment 12 Aug 2019

It seems like once we decided to spread the football out and not try to out-Iowa them that the series became more lopsided. Though the last few against them have been nail biters 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

I believe I read somewhere that they are wearing those helmets with trackers in them during practice to monitor head trauma, though I hadn't thought about the fact that it might help prevent injury as well. I'm guessing it's not going to be used during actual games, but hopefully the data they collect can contribute to making the game safer.

Comment 30 Jul 2018

I'm surprised nobody picked Justin Shorter as the freshman with the most impact (though Matt de Bear was pretty close to doing so). Maybe this is me being biased or just wishful thinking, but it sounds like he'll be the next A-Rob for this team, though maybe not quite to that level in his first year. In any case, he'll be another tall, fast, strong target for Trace and can really open up the field (or take advantage of 1 on 1's). I know the receiver room is crowded, but it sounds like he's just too good to not carve out a place in the offense this year.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

QB: Trace McSorley

RB: Larry Johnson

WR: Allen Robinson

DL: Courtney Brown

LB: Lavar Arrington

DB: Alan Zemaitis

I actually started with Zemaitis since I loved his physicality and his presence on that early 2000's defense. From there I went to Trace, since he's mobile and will be (as mentioned above) the most decorated QB statistically in PSU history. After that I went with A-Rob since he was able to create big plays and yardage on his own (that 70ish yard run @OSU, the dominance in the 2nd half vs. Syracuse in Hack's first game, etc.).  After that I went with LJ (though can I specify LJ in his final season?). From there I went with Brown, an absolute monster on the D-Line. And I rounded out my team with Lavar, an absolute freak athlete whose highlights are still played at the stadium today.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I like that Nick mentioned Gillikin. While he probably isn't the MVP of the game, I remember last years game being horrendous with regards to field position and our punts setting OSU up with great field position to setup their onslaught of scoring. It's wonderful to be able to have our defense start with a lot of field behind them to defend

Comment 14 Oct 2016

This is well done - I like that there are some recurring characters throughout this story! Though I tend to be on the more positive/supportive side of things, the tweet about "Why didn't you punt on 4th and 1 from the 1 yard line" did make me laugh