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Comment 14 Mar 2018

Rereading it, I see where you're coming from. That was not the point I intended to convey. These rumors have been around forever yet nothing has come from them for over two years, hence why I snuck unfounded in there. This was all out there from Temple people since well before the FBI investigation surfaced.

I have no idea if Chambers is clean or not and I'd be awfully naive to just automatically assume he is. 

Comment 06 Mar 2018

Underwood's off to a pretty terrible start in Champaign. Mark Smith's already transferring after an underwhelming freshman year. A lot of smoke that Leron Black is gonna graduate and leave, as well. You can rave all you want about Underwood's three years as a DI coach before this, but he better pick up the recruiting ASAP or he's gonna be gone in 3 years. You need more than one 5-star kid that's not even likely to stay for 3-4 years. 

I find the implication that Chambers outcoached Holtmann quite funny; maybe it's just a bad matchup for Ohio State, but that wouldn't fit the narrative.

This is hilariously pathetic. Any suggestions why Holtmann never threw out any zone looks against Carr since they clearly couldn't guard him man-to-man?

Comment 02 Mar 2018

I feel like it's obvious to tell if Josh is either going to miss or make a three, at least in yesterday's game anyway. All three of his second half threes were smooth catch-and-shoots off great feeds from Carr. His other six attempts that he missed were uh, not great. 

Go Rutgers. 

Comment 20 Feb 2018

With the RPI, it doesn't matter who you beat, but rather who you play and where you actually win. Road losses are not bad for one's RPI. Home losses are because they're weighted as 1.4 losses in your RPI winning percentage. But Michigan has two road games this week, so their RPI is going to be exactly the same no matter which of the two games they actually win. 

Comment 20 Feb 2018

Sorry, I should've cited where I got them in the post. They were pulled from Bart Torvik's RPI Forecast, where his model's current win projections are then run through the RPI formula. also has similar projections, which are based off the current Sagarin ratings. Penn State's projected 69 RPI assumes they go 1-1 this week. PSU may be able to crack the top-60 if they win both games. The projections also assume Michigan and Nebraska go 1-1 this week, hence why I explained in the post that it's better if they win their non-PSU games. If either team drops both their games this week, they'll be projected to fall out of the range they need to be in to maximize PSU's quadrant one wins. 

Comment 17 Feb 2018

You're reasonable, unlike some of the haters though. Your criticism isn't just name calling and looking at the past. If Chambers is able to pull out an NCAA dance bid, we stand a good chance at starting something real.

There are some commenters who just want to see PSU win and some who just wanna be proven right. You can tell the difference. I'll never have a problem with any critics who can still enjoy success, but I'll never have respect for the other type, especially those who come into your home and piss on the floor. 

Comment 17 Feb 2018

Hahahaha you actually delivered. Imagine being this butthurt about Penn State basketball playing well going into March. Thanks for showing your true colors as a psychopath. You better hope the core four doesn't return next year, because I have no idea how you'll live with yourself if the Used Car Salesman is competing for a Big Ten championship. I don't even know how you live with yourself pretending to be this TV personality on the internet. You could've posed as literally anyone else, but you chose one of Pat Chambers' biggest supporters in the vaunted media that baby boomers from the boonies claim to hate so much. 

 I gave up a month ago presenting a thousand reasons why his ass should have been fired years ago.

Why would you give up then? That's when everyone thought he was toast, which is when you should've campaigned the loudest (which you did). Or did you 'give up' as soon as the team started winning? Because you don't sound like you've actually given up. 

All I read on message boards and heard from those covering the team (who were not sycophantic apologists such as yourself and your brethren) was that THIS was The Used Car Salesman's year. 

Another fabrication, because we absolutely had that tone to our content about this team for this season. Other than us, the Collegian, Onward State, BSD, Lions247, and BWI, no other outlets consistently cover the team. We all took that same view with regards to the critical nature of this season, although I prefer more nuance like analytics, recruiting, and player development when forming educated opinions about the direction of the program. You obsess over simple wins and losses. It's like you're today's RPI of college basketball analysis. 

I have been following college basketball for nearly forty years.

Then how can you be so clueless time and time again. The tangible evidence had always been in recruiting, but I wouldn't expect a baby boomer from the boonies to have any idea how that game is played nowadays. I'll continue to listen to every good head coach in this sport that cites recruiting as the No. 1 factor in building any program. For example, Brad Underwood, a head coach I imagine you really admire considering his intense style. This year isn't excusable for him in your eyes, right? If that's how we're judging Chambers, each new coach must own their first-year failures with broken rosters of the previous regime. You've been silent about Tim Miles these days, too. Did he lose his luster in your eyes? Or is he another example, like Brad Brownell and Kevin Willard, of patience paying off when building a program that's sustainable? 

I imagine you lost quite a bit of cash betting on that PSU -1.5 line. My condolences. 

Comment 16 Feb 2018

Honestly I was referring to Dan Dakich, who I would be surprised if he showed his ass here the rest of this season. His personal attacks against me and the rest of the writers here was low-life garbage, especially coming behind an anonymous screen name. We could all admit that the way the team was playing earlier this season deserved to be criticized and that we were indeed headed for a coaching change. But to continue to insinuate that we were fake news in Chambers' pocket was complete bullshit that we shouldn't have let stand. We did anyway, because I didn't want to incite the censorship complaints that would've probably come from you and other critics if we silenced him.

Everything I said could happen if we were patient, is finally happening. The light has come on for Tony Carr. Maybe other coaches would've got him there sooner, but all that matters is Chambers got him there. Now the team has everything in front of them, and with the way they're playing, I wouldn't bet against them. Maybe people will stop mocking Philly Swagger and realize that's what could birth a real basketball program at Penn State.

You're welcome to continue doubting Chambers' recruiting and think this is all gonna fall apart. It just might if most of this team leaves early in a few months. But if three of the four return, this program is well on its way. I'll continue to laugh as Chambers loads up on another huge recruiting class this summer. Joe Girard, Maceo Austin, Oscar Tshiebwe, Eric Dixon, Dahmir Bishop, Seth Lundy, Casey Morsell, they're all in play for 2019. Then there's Lynn Greer III, Mikeal Jones, Hunter Dickinson, and all the ridiculous talent in 2020 in Philly and DC. But I guess maybe the used car salesman won't be able to use the atmosphere in the Bryce Jordan Center last night to his advantage. That's logical. 

The only thing I could see stopping all of this momentum is getting linked to the FBI investigation. I won't act like that's an impossibility for PSU to be named there, but I also won't be upset if they are. That's the way this AAU game has always been played and acting like we were above it would've kept this program in the Big Ten basement for eternity. I think college players should be paid anyway, plus any big name hire would've brought bag men, too. 

Comment 16 Feb 2018

You know there's been legitimate progress when OldLion has a positive tone. We need to revisit the likeliness of those scenarios you posted the other day. But seriously, I appreciate you still showing up in these threads my guy. Can't say the same for many of the other obnoxious haters.