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Comment 10 Aug 2017

Nothing concrete, but we'll try to get an explanation when they return Stateside. With all these Bahamian players switching teams, I'm willing to bet they were short players for some reason (illness? injury?). There was another game scheduled at the same time in the same gym, but I'd hope the BBF wasn't dumb enough to double-book their only gym. 

Comment 26 Jul 2017
Jamari's older but I still view him as the Tim Frazier to Rasir's Talor Battle. That's an unfair comparison at this stage but I'm talking more in terms of possessions used between the two when they play together. I expect a similar distribution as the 2011 team down the road when these guys are upperclassmen, if this thing's still going in three years. I could be underselling Wheeler's scoring ability, but we won't know that answer for a few more months.
Comment 25 Jul 2017

I like this hire a lot and it accomplished what Chambers set out to do - add more experience and another head coaching perspective to the bench. I feel like people are gonna focus on what Ferry brings to recruiting, but he won't be here long enough for that to matter. He's spent a lot of years as a head coach, I'm sure he wants to land his next head coaching gig ASAP. 

His job will be to help development this current team to get them over the hump and into the postseason. Ferry's teams have always played fast, so this is a good fit offensively for what Chambers has been trying to do with the talent he's been able to recruit. It will be interesting to see how big of an impact Ferry has in terms of X's & O's. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017
Not an unfair opinion! We'll see how it shakes out when the Big Ten schedule is announced. I'd argue winning those two conference games in December is more important but tough to say without knowing the full schedule. I don't think this tourney is a "must win" as much as they're gonna need 22 regular season wins to be feeling good heading into MSG.
Comment 18 Apr 2017

coming off the heels of an immensely disappointing season - This comment is an immense disappointment.

following the transfer of three players (including the sixth man and only reliable shooter on the team) - Three guys which you heavily criticized for not being good enough. Interesting that Payton Banks is now spun as "the only reliable shooter on the team". Shep Garner has 80 more threes in his shorter career. 

desperately needing a reliable big man - This is laughable with Mike Watkins in the program. Criticize Julian Moore and Satchel Pierce how you see fit, but their presence alone meant a big man was never going to be the priority this month.

Pat's best bet is a JUCO transfer - And that's a bad thing? As if there's never been any good players that have come from this level?

and a decommit from a Patriot League team - Duquesne is actually in the Atlantic-10. Getting offers from NCAA-quality programs like Seton Hall and VCU this month tells me a lot more than where he was as a recruit six months ago.

This after signing a 0-star prospect who didn't even have a 247 page - Because apparently that's the standard of whether you're a good basketball player or not. 

God, the commitments of Carr and Stevens feel so long ago, don't they? - Exactly and we still have another seven months to go until next season. Puts into context how long it can take to build a program when you need to invest 2+ years into recruitments and another 1+ year into development before you can rationally expect winning results in a league as tough as the Big Ten.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

They need role players right now, no doubt, but don't forget that they are just looking for role players. The 2011 team proved you only need a good starting five to make the NCAA tournament. Obviously you will need to get lucky in the health department all season for that to come to fruition, but Watkins/Carr/Stevens/Reaves ultimately determine next year's outcome. So I disagree that this offseason determines Chambers' fate, but it certainly will have a substantial effect on next season. Getting some capable players in the next month or two will at least give them larger margins for error. 

Comment 29 Mar 2017

Thanks for commenting!

I've already visited this topic a few years ago at BSD, because the critics have been singing the same tune going on five years now. Here are my thoughts on what you suggest could be the miracle cure for this program. I specifically looked at Buzz Williams and I'm not afraid to share this now even though the move has unquestionably paid off. Congrats to their AD for having huge balls and winning his bet. 

If Chambers fizzles out next season, I probably would be in support of this kind of bold move. But I will always be skeptical that it's a realistic possibility until I see it finally happen. I don't think paying $2-3 million/yr will convince high major coaches to take the job (although naming your own job security might, in Buzz Williams' case). The really good ones are waiting for the jobs they want. Shaka Smart stayed longer than anyone expected at VCU, turning down numerous opportunities before going to Texas. Archie Miller had the same patience at Dayton and now he's at Indiana. I expect Danny Hurley will take the same route, assuming his URI program keeps improving. He'll wait for the job he wants. I am confident in saying that sure as shit ain't Penn State. 

You are free to believe in-game coaching is what ultimately dictates wins and losses every year. I simply don't buy into that belief. If that makes me an apologist, so be it. See you next March.