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Comment 08 Aug 2019

One thing I think we will be seeing more of this year is three DE's in on passing downs.  With the ridiculous speed they have the opposing OC's will have to pick their poison on who to double and who gets a single blocker.

I also expect more stunts with that package and Micah flying through the openings.

Comment 07 Aug 2019
I'm just going to go with the classic Shitt on Pitt for old times sake. Hopefully I won't be dead by the next time they play, but just in case, I just want to see a 48-14 one more time put up this year..
Comment 01 Aug 2019
To say we have no bell cow may be correct, but there are possibly four bell cows right now in the running back room. Imagine being able to continuously throw out fresh legs against a tiring defense all game long without much drop off in skills. And I know I am going way back, but Noah Cain reminds me of a young John Cappelletti in the way he runs. Let's get this season rolling.
Comment 31 Jul 2019
Isn't everyone just salivating for the Wild Dogs to be let loose? This defense just oozes potential and seeing how Pry has gotten lesser talent to over achieve just has me wanting to see complete domination by this group of very talented players.
Comment 18 Jul 2019

My too far out standings.

B1G East

1. Penn State, defense wins games and we have the best in the B1G

2. Ohio State, will dick trip on another game, but still beat Harbaugh

3. Michigan, still not even a division championship, seat getting hot

4. Michigan State, Franklin figures Dantonio out this year

5. Indiana

6. Maryland

7. Rutgers

B1G West

1. Iowa, toss of the coin with Wiscy

2. Wisconsin, toss of the coin with Iowa

3. Northwestern, Patty has more championships than Harbaugh

4. Purdue, dangerous, but not there yet

5. Nebraska, still overrated, defense wins games in B1G, not like Big 12

6. Minnesota

7. Illinois

What does everyone else think?

Comment 15 Jul 2019

I think Saquon is now the face of the Giants and he has become that by being himself.  Something we all knew, but now the rest of the country is finding out.  And...

Saquon is a miracle worker in more ways than one.  He has converted my wife's Penn State HATING cousin into a "Penn State is his team" too, since Saquon joined his beloved Giants.

Comment 05 Jul 2019
It just boggles the mind that all these top runners find our beloved Nittany Lions the place to go when so many people declare our offensive line to be average or below. Perhaps, they realize that we have a very good OLine that plays in the RPO offense that affords them the chance to get their numbers both running and receiving, which greatly increases their path to the NFL. We will never see a smash mouth running game as long as they run the RPO offense.
Comment 30 May 2019

I'm not surprised he decided not to come NORTH where it actually gets cold during football season.  Playing in sunny Florida just doesn't compare to the frozen tundra of Big Ten November games.

And thinking along those lines, I am wondering how Justin Fields will acclimate to the cold.

Comment 30 May 2019

This team looks like it should be in the tourney with Lamar back in the fold.  I am happy he took to heart the recommendations of the coaches he worked out for during his checking out his draft potential.  If his off-season effort improves his weaknesses we could be looking at a 20-10 season for him which will definitely put him in the POY conversation.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

I'm glad CJF is rewarding the hard work put in by these gentlemen.  See there is some good coming out of the portal.

And I am going to have to check to see if Issac is a cousin.  Dem Dutchie Lutz' are all over the place and I can't keep track of them all.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

O/U 9.5 Starts for Tommy Stevens - Over because I don't expect to see him playing the human battering ram as much.

O/U 1.5 Return Touchdowns - Over, KJ & Journey on kick-offs, KJ for punts. I wouldn't be surprised to see three.

O/U 750 Receiving Yards for Justin Shorter - Under because there is only one ball in play and so many mouths to feed.

O/U 110 tackles for Micah Parsons - Over, best of LBU, 'nuff said!

O/U 70 carries for the No. 2 Running Back - Over, more 2 back sets battling to be No. 1 with Journey bearing the brunt of 3rd down blocking.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

O/U 10.5 Touchdowns for Pat Freiermuth - Under

O/U 5.5 True Freshmen To Play Right Away - Under

O/U 20.5 TFL for Yetur Gross-Matos - Over and I thought I was crazy thinking 24-25 until I saw Nick's  28.

O/U 42.5 Team Sacks - Over and I think an unexpected amount coming from the middle of the line as many of the opposing OC's will be worried about how to double the DE's allowing good pushes up the middle for the DT's and LB's.