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Comment 13 Nov 2018

I don’t think there is a plausible scenario where we could play WVU in a NY6 bowl. We would likely have to displace them in order to make the NY6. The most plausible scenario is for WVU to lose their final two regular season games. Oklahoma would need to win the Big 12 which would cannibalize the rest of the Big 12 from the NY6.

That said I’d like to play UCF if we do sneak into NY6 or Florida if we do not.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Last week he called a timeout with 61 seconds to go in the half instead of letting the clock run under 25 before a punt. Mind numbing clock management. I said the same thing as you today, why didn’t he just let the quarter run out?

Comment 31 Aug 2018

Good point, I stand corrected. Hopefully Sandy can get creative and make it work with P5 home games in 2026 and 2027 and P5 away games in 2028 and 2030 or something to that affect.  I know there were talks about Texas in 2030, which may complicate things. We will see how it shakes out.

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I'm a fan of these games. I'd rather play Villanova and Delaware than the usual MACrifice, which these games essentially take the place of. I know a lot of Penn State fans from Eastern PA have ties to those schools so it will be cool to play them. Similarly, I like playing at the Linc against Temple every now and then. It's easier than hauling 3.5 hours to State College for a nooner.

Comment 23 Dec 2017

Let's unpack the point about us being poor last year. We were 1-6 in one possession/OT regular season Big Ten games last season. If you are in the game for 39 minutes I think its fair to expect a normal distribution of wins and losses in those games.  Under that assumption we were on the tail of the normal curve and had we been in the middle of that curve we would have finished 9th in the conference last season.  Personally, my expectations had little to do with last year's results and a lot to do with the talent on the team.  I've been watching Penn State hoops for going on 20 years and the talent level is commensurate with the 01, 09, and 11 teams. As a result my expectations were that we would have similar results with those teams.  That's what made yesterday's loss so frustrating.  We both agree about next year's team. I think they will have a great chance at the NCAA tournament.

Comment 29 Sep 2017

I think if you are allowed to use logic then the right call was made. But if you set the standard to be "indisputable video evidence," to me that implies there must be video of the tip of the ball touching the ground. I think you can infer that from the movement of the ball but I never saw a definitive angle that showed the ground causing the ball to move the way it did.

Comment 27 Sep 2017

In addition to special teams, Wisniewski subbed in at left guard after Chance Warmack was ineffective. Wisniewski may have earned a starting spot for the Eagles at LG.

Comment 24 Sep 2017

You mention Reggie Bush. That was probably the best individual performance by a running back since Bush's historic game against Fresno State where he amassed 523 all purpose yards. I think Saquon's body of work has surpassed Bush at this point which is the highest praise I can give as Bush was the best college player I've seen in my lifetime.

Comment 24 Sep 2017

I really hope so. Juwan Johnson had 7 catches on the night, hopefully this is his breakout game. Trace threw his way four times on the final drive (3 catches). Perhaps he will emerge as the receiver Trace trusts.

Comment 24 Sep 2017

McSorley threaded the needle there. #27 was an inch away from deflecting that pass. What a play. What a game.

Comment 22 Sep 2017

I share coach Huff's sentiment that a kicker is prolly less likely to get injured than the guys blocking for him but watching Adoree Jackson go down in the Rose Bowl on a kick does give me some concern. I can't recall another kick returner getting injured while returning a kick so hopefully that was just an outlier. I do think Saquon has the best chance of housing a kickoff on the team. I'd prefer he return kicks when it matters and not when we are up 35.

Comment 21 Sep 2017

IMO the North Texas game wasn't as close as the score. Regardless I'm not terribly impressed by Iowa. If Iowa State can hang 38 in regulation I think we should be fine offensively.

Comment 21 Sep 2017

If Barkley were to join the 1000/1000 club I can't see how he could not win the Heisman. I've got to think his yards per reception will regress a little. If the volume of passes to him stays the same I don't see him getting the receiving yards.