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Comment 11 Jul 2018

H8ers!  Like you guys said the deadlift into an immediate box jump + all the other shit is what's impressive.  Plus Saquon isn't a powerlifter, he's a football player!  We've seen him power clean 405.  I don't think it was implied that 315 is his max trap bar deadlift.  He probably doesn't even know what it is because there'd be no point in him testing it.  I think last year one of the coaches said they stopped him at the 405 power clean because he "proved his point".  But you're right armchair athletes, you're totally equivalent.  That's why you were also drafted no.2 overall and also make millions of dollars.

Comment 14 Feb 2018
I don't think it's a young fan/older fan divide thing. Plus I think I saw that the Pitt game this year had the 8th highest attendance ever at Beaver. I would divide it between older fans and a younger, significantly sized portion of the fanbase from Western PA and other people who are against it/apathetic. Anyway I like playing Pitt but I understand why we can't in a continuous home and home series and I'm not losing sleep over it. I too would rather mix it up with the likes of Auburn and Va Tech.
Comment 29 Dec 2017
I would just like to see the University make the same commitment to basketball that it does seemingly every other sport. Football, wrestling, hockey, volleyball, soccer both men and women, the list goes on. Excellence is expected and achieved in every sport except basketball. As for Chambers, recruiting and relationships are great, but you need both recruiting and coaching to be successful. One without the other won't work and unfortunately we only have half right now.
Comment 30 Oct 2017

I think I'm mostly disappointed because for a while, especially the 1st half, it really felt like Penn State was just kicking Ohio State's ass.  I know yardage disparity or whatever, but you can't hold us not getting an offensive possession because we housed a KR against us, and you can't hold the short fields in the first half against us either.  PSU was beating OSU as much as OSU was beating itself.  And at the same time, OSU took over the game and won it in the fourth quarter.  No flukes and no bullshit here, the better team won.

I guess I really poo poo the whole "Ohio State was doing what it wanted" narrative because we've won two other games where supposedly our opponent "did what it wanted" all game despite losing by 19 and 31 points (Pitt, Indiana).  The only reason this doesn't fall in line with the trend on the year is that OSU came back and won it by the end.  At some point you have to accept that PSU is good at returning kicks and creating turnovers and that it's not really a luck thing.

Comment 02 Oct 2017

Yeah I still don't think it's a good argument.  He's throwing checkdowns because they're open.  Is that not good awareness and decision making? You still have to complete the pass (coughHackcough) I think that's part of being a quarterback.  Last year he wasn't good because all he did was throw 50/50 balls, this year he isn't good because all he does is throw it to the open guy who then runs for 50 yards after the catch.  My eyes are telling me that we're not taking unnecessary risks in blowout games and in close games, our star player is getting 300+ yards anyway.

Comment 01 Oct 2017
"Finally, I can beat my Trace sucks drum again!" He thinks as he searches for the dusty old drum he last beat in week 1 of 2016. "I've been right this whole time! I just needed 20 games to prove it."
Comment 01 Oct 2017
I think an honest description of his play is "pretty good but not great" and I would tag that for everyone on the offense not named Saquon Barkley. Seeing it in person, it was painfully obvious that our blocking is not equipped to deal with overload blitzes. It seems like it's always 7 on 6 or 6 on 5, and at least one person usually doesn't pick up their block. That's the real reason we haven't gone down field all year, there's no time. I don't think McSorley's play has been stellar, but as the article points out, I don't see many quarterbacks playing better than he has this year. He's not perfect but his stats are good, and he led a gutsy game winning drive last week. The offense he leads has scored less than 30 points what, once in 15 games? Some of you seem to hold the fact that we often get short fields thanks to turnovers and special teams against the offense and I don't think that makes any sense. Those are good things. I dunno, I know we're trying to be reasonable here, but I think fixating on his play and trying to claim he isn't very good is a nuts claim that ignores everything we have seen from the kid in almost two years. The facts don't hold up. He absolutely is a Championship/playoff caliber quarterback, considering he's already won a big ten championship, has one big ten loss as a starter out of 11 chances, including against big time defenses like Wisconsin and Ohio State. Yeah his play is enough to beat those teams because we've seen him do it already. He's not Tom Brady, no, but name another quarterback we're going to see this year, or have seen this year who is.
Comment 29 Sep 2017

I don't think a penalty after the play would make them have to redo it, would it?  That's only if it's during, unless there's a new rule I don't know about.

Comment 04 Aug 2017

Tommy Stevens has some tree trunk legs on him. Looks like someone's been squatting.  I guess the days of dumpy, doughy quarterbacks are over pretty much.  (This is all of football of course, not just Penn State)

Also not sure if he's in the above but Jason Cabinda looks like a monster this year.  Was he always so big and shredded?