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Comment 15 Aug 2018

Wow, this doesn't seem possible, even for Iowa.

but Iowa only threw 199 times all season

Edit: I looked at Iowa's stats for last year and they had 199 completions, not 199 attempts. https://hawkeyesports.com/cumestats.aspx?path=football

Comment 15 Aug 2018

Amani Hooker looks like the new stud in that secondary. The safety was fantastic in his first year as a starter...

Thankfully he was just short of fantastic on JJ's TD catch.

Comment 29 Sep 2017

The most idiotic statement here might be that Barkley "is basically a straight line runner." Does this person have eyes?

Comment 22 Sep 2017

They had like 200 yards of total offense in last year's game (and we had 600). I don't think making a couple of 4th downs would've made much of a difference.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

See, I don't think MSU will bounce back (at least not in a big way) this year. I will concede that they could beat Michigan - I just don't think that they will. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

You really think Michigan will have at least two losses before we play them? I could see them possibly losing to Florida, if Florida somehow has a pulse on offense this year. They aren't losing to Cincinnati, Air Force, or Purdue, and they're still better than Michigan State or Indiana. I mean, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that they could be 4-2 or even 3-3 going into our game, but I think they're more likely to be 5-1 (6-0 if they win the Florida game).

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I don't agree that Oregon vs Nebraska is a "bigger" game than Penn State vs Pitt. The biggest games that day are Stanford at USC and Oklahoma at Ohio State, so the Gameday crew will most likely be in Los Angeles or Columbus.

Edit: Auburn at Clemson is also an option that I'd put above Nebraska-Oregon.