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Comment 22 Nov 2016

It's been a hell of a ride.

Also, #Purduzzi knows a lot about emojis:

“Oh man, yeah. He’s so cool! He even knows so much about emojis, he’s good at it, I was kind of surprised. He’s so down to earth. When I talk to him, he’s just like a dad or an older brother. He’s so cool,” said Shields.


Comment 04 Nov 2016

I have a bad feeling about this game.  I think Iowa's very much like Minnesota, and somewhat like Pitt.  Their offense probably isn't as good as Pitt's, while their defense is probably better than Pitt's.

While the players have never done a night game at Happy Valley, Ferentz has been there done that.  With an extra week of prep, he'll have them ready to go.  This will be the toughest game left on the slate.

Comment 01 Nov 2016

I think we'll end up higher in the CFP rankings than where we are in the AP and Coaches.  That will generate a lot more buzz, which I hope will not be overshadowed by Purdue's big announcement tonight that they have agreed to hire Pat Narduzzi to be their next head coach.

Comment 26 Oct 2016

But, what are their starzz????

Seriously though, and this may be a derp on my part, but is that list of players in the table above a list of PSU Hockey commits?  Or are they all targets?

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Can't remember what I predicted, but I think it was a toss-up between 7-5 and 8-4.  I'm firmly on 8-4 now, and 9-3 is very possible.  7-5 would be a big disappointment at this point, because it'd mean a loss to either Purdue, Rutgers, or MSU, and they all stink.

Comment 11 Oct 2016

I thought he thoroughly outcoached Durkin.  This team is far better in the second half, meaning they're able to make adjustments during the game.  If anything, I've seen plenty of improvement on the coaching front this season.  Talent and depth has a lot to do with that.  But these guys are playing hard for Franklin.

With all the injuries, and youth on the roster to begin with, the 4-2 result with a very very close loss to Pitt has me very optimistic on where things are headed.

Comment 07 Oct 2016

All the upvotes for Contellus.

It's so subjective, but a signature win just feels like a 'big' win for the program.  A win people will talk about for years.  A win that you know will boost recruiting.  Completing the comeback vs. Pitt for me would have felt that way.  But then it would be a win over a Pitt team that at this point would be 2-3.  So is that really 'signature'?

If you go by the expectation of a win over a team that finishes in the top-10, then there are only a very small handful of coaches who get such a win each year.  And they're not dealing with the sanctions, a hugh schism in the alumni base, and the stigma of IT.

And using that criteria--what's Harbaugh's 'signature' win?  What's Larry Fedora's?  Tom Herman's?

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Just don't have a good feeling about this one, but I haven't felt great about any PSU game this year save for Kent and Temple.

I will say I'd rather see PSU go up against a 4-0 MD team than one that's 1-3 with a win over Howard.  Makes the games more intereting, and more meaningful wins = more 'croots.

Comment 30 Sep 2016

It comes down to these next two weeks.  Go 2-0, get some confidence back while heading into a perfectly-timed bye week.  Maybe some guys get healthy, and get ready for OSU.  Play OSU tough, and then things can really take off over the balance of the season.

But if they go 0-2, then we're realistically looking at a 5-7 or possibly 4-8 season.  They could potentially get to 6-6 with guys like Cabinda and Bell coming back healthy.  But recruiting will take a huge hit.  More importantly, PSU will be trying to get a massive fundraising effort off the ground for this facilities revamp while the FB team is having its worst season in 12 years.

In other words, let's really hope for 2-0, and a better showing vs. OSU than what we saw last weekend.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

PSU is at a crossroads because they didn't win the Pitt game.  They could have lost 63-14 to Michigan, but if that came after a 3-0 start then nobody would be talking about being at a crossroads.

They need to go 2-0 these next two weeks, unless they plan on pulling off a stunner vs. MSU to close out the season.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Bill's right.  Too late to edit my post.  Both of those hires have shown progress so far, so that comment was way off the mark.  I was just looking at Dykes' 1-11 debut season when I said that.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

That's fair, and I was just coming back to edit my post on that.  I saw he went 1-11 his first year there and didn't check the last two years.  I should work at Pennlive!

And their BB coach took Cal to the Dance last year, so TBH those hires don't look too bad.  And academics has only improved (from a strong starting point) under Sandy, Franklin, Chambers et al.

Very fair.

Let's just hope they go 2-0 the next two weeks and get back on track for a decent season.