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PSU '92. Grandparents raised 10 kids around the corner from the Paternos. Lived in State College from birth till '81 when I took my talents to South Beach (almost). Apparently told my parents when I was like 3 that I was gonna be in the Blue Band, and I damn sure was ('89-'92).

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Comment 03 Oct 2017

I'm getting uncomfortable with the lack of ways to punch it in at the goal line against Iowa and Indiana. It's only going to be harder against Michigan and Ohio State.

The lack of willingness to even discuss using a different formation there is puzzling. Teams that go mainly under center learn how to do shotgun for special situations; why can't we be the other way around? Or if we have to go RPO, at least develop some plays specifically designed to work better when the defense is very compressed.

Comment 19 Sep 2017

Sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn't. Right now we have great depth at certain positions on D with little spread (not a huge advantage for 1s over 2s in a lot of places) so it probably doesn't matter much that our D plays so many plays as long as we keep rotating (and that inarguably helps us down the road). I'm cool with it for now.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Woooo! I was excited enough that I watched the entire 2nd half on a smartphone in the Pearl District down in San Antone (sidebar: god bless smrtphones).

Everything from here on out is gravy. (Probably for Wisconsin too).

Comment 14 Nov 2016

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, because in 20+ years of watching, I've never seen a set of lucky things by other teams come together in our favor in this magnitude before.

Comment 02 Nov 2016

Meh. This is a nice asterisk but win the games in front of us and even with some miracles we're still not in the playoff. The bowls aren't going to look at the ranking to decide whether to pick us at 10 wins or Ohio State at 10 wins, so it doesn't really matter.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I wasn't in person for any of these. I was in person for 1989-1992 (home + a few away, with the band), and the Citrus Bowl against Tennessee a few years later (lived in S Fl at the time). Thought about taking my son to the Ticket City Bowl a couple years ago as it's the first time they've been within driving distance in over a decade; thankful I did not.

Best I seen on the screen:

1. 1986 Miami. It was like this Saturday's game, except for the actual MNC. Same kind of "no chance they'll win" from everybody, far higher stakes.

2. This Saturday

3. Knocking off #1 Notre Dame in 1990 on their turf. Guy who lived on my floor ended up with part of a goalpost. Yes, 'we' tore down our goalposts even though the game was played in South Bend.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

When the kick done got blocked, I jumped up and screamed "if he can run it all the way back we win", and it took my wife, who doesn't really like football much and certainly doesn't get it usually, to remind me there were 4 minutes left (give or take).

Thank god we held on, or I'd have looked really dumn.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

"Then I separated the data into two groups, one where a punt had been downed at the 1, and one where a team had failed on 4th down at the goal line."

What about when you got the ball on your own 1 after an INT or a fumble?

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Pitt game was worse than I expected, and Pitt has turned out to not be Very Good as I hoped they were after that result.

Michigan may be unstoppable. 

Our performance against Temple is still very troubling.

Since then, we seem Fine. The rest of the league sans OSU is as expected, except for Michigan State, who has moved from "near-certain loss" to "toss-up leaning towards win" so we should end up 8-4 or so.

I just wish Franklin was showing glimmers of hope for coaching for the future. The team itself definitely is (I even saw positives in the Michigan beat-down). Him, not so much.