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I am a 2005 graduate of Penn State, and an alumnus of the Penn State Marching Blue Band. Part of the founding group of Roar Lions Roar in 2016.


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Comment 09 Jul 2020

I don't think this change will impact the method of travel. There isn't much difference between sitting on a crowded bus, or a crowded plane. The primary purpose was to give the league more control over protocol, schedule adjustments if needed, etc.

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I think there are a half dozen teams outside of that elite tier you mentioned that can make a case for being that high, including PSU. I just think when you factor in PSU's recent history, and the overall talent on the roster, it's a pretty damn compelling case to make that they deserve to be where they are.

Comment 18 Jun 2020

We've debated other points on here before, so no use rehashing things like facilities, coaching salaries and the like. However, what's your evidence this staff hasn't developed players. They've had 26 players drafted into the NFL since 2015, with 17 of those in just the last three years. Penn State hasn't had a run like that since the early-90s. They're doing all of that with 42 wins in the last four seasons, and three major bowl appearances (with two wins in those). Pretty damn good player development if you ask me.

Comment 17 Jun 2020

His build is going to remind people of Trace, but fundamentally he's a more refined passer, and probably not as athletic overall as McSorley. Bowens is the one that is probably more in the mold of Trace as far as how he uses his athleticism. 

I'm really high on Veilleux as a prospect, but a theoretical competition between him and Roberson would be fun. 

Comment 15 Jun 2020

That is just flat out wrong. Roberson is hardly a run-first QB. Yes, he does have some athletic ability, but he's way more of a passer than a runner. We've seen him for all of like 4 snaps vs. Rutgers last year, so I'm not sure what "everything we've seen from him" is supposed to mean. If you go back to his high school career, he was way more of a passer there as well. 

Comment 15 Jun 2020

I would be floored if Roberson moved on that quickly. He's just entering his second year in the program, and fits what Ciarrocca is looking for at the position more than Johnson. That is, he's much more of a thrower than a runner at this point in his development. He'll be a redshirt junior what Clifford's eligibility expires, and in a great spot to challenge for the starting gig along with Veilleux. 

Levis is a guy to keep an eye on after this season. I believe he'll be eligible to grad transfer a year from now, with two years of eligibility remaining. 

Bowens will be on campus in a week or so.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

Clifford and White are 100% WRs. Wheatley is projected at safety.

They will continue to push for probably at least one more WR, possibly two. It's anyone's guess who those top targets will be at this point. They've got a ton of lines in the water, and it's tough to gauge who is a legit option without visits, etc.

I would expect them to stay on Prather and Thornton as well. 

Comment 04 Jun 2020

Mack Brown has done a very good job of assembling a very good coaching staff, which I think gets missed a bit because he's the name everyone knows. I'll be very curious to see how long he can keep them together if things continue to trend up for UNC. 

Comment 01 Jun 2020

I don't think anyone's class is going to stick together once players can take visits. There are over 500 more committed prospects this year than there were at this time last year.

I think Carolina will keep things largely in tact though. They are doing very well in NC, and their region, and have a very dynamic staff.

Comment 30 May 2020

At the moment, those are the two top targets we are aware of. They have attempted to get involved with other tight ends, but there is no indication of mutual interest at this point. I am sure other players will emerge if and when visits resume in the fall, but for now, those are the two targets on the board.

Thank you for reading.

Comment 26 May 2020

One thing that I think will be key to keep in mind is that Clifford is almost certainly going to be running less. In 2019, he had 116 carries. I'd say that gets cut by at least 50%, so that's nearly 60 more carries that are up for grabs. Ciarrocca's offense is also built more on ball control than the big play, so I'd think there will be more snaps in general to go around as well. 

But to Matt's point, I think you'll continue to see a lot more rotation. The days of having a true bellweather back are gone. Even in Saquon's highest use season, he had just 300 touches. I think 200 -225 for Brown is probably a fair estimate, then you have another 150-200 to divide up.

Comment 21 May 2020

I like Shelton, but one of the storylines that I think will be interesting to watch is how much the guys behind him push for his snaps. I'm a firm believer that, save for a few athletic freaks, you need to give linemen, especially DTs, at least two full years in the program before they take off. It's just a matter of physical maturity, and not many 18-19 year olds are physically capable of banging with grown men for 12-plus games per year.

I think Mustipher is primed for a monster season, but guys like Hansard, Culpepper, Barber, and Hawkins are definitely guys to keep an eye on. There is some buzz around Hakeem Beamon too.