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I am a 2005 graduate of Penn State, and an alumnus of the Penn State Marching Blue Band as well. After spending two years at Victory Bell Rings, and over two at Black Shoe Diaries, I am thrilled to be part of the founding group here at Roar Lions Roar.


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Comment 25 Jul 2017

I remember that hit. The best part was Tamba could've ended him, but let up. It almost looks worse than it was.

But still, Michigan's performance vs. Rutgers last year was something else.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

He was on the hot seat because fans and media said he was. Sandy said he was safe because it was getting ridiculous some of the speculation. And for the record, that statement from Sandy came after the Michigan game. I firmly believe he was never really under that sort of pressure from the people that mattered. There is a reason his original deal was 6 seasons, and had a hefty buyout.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

If you're going to crush him for clock management or 4th down decisions, I'll take it. As was pointed out below, that's hardly unique to James Franklin, plus that was nearly two years ago. Coaches improve!. In fact he played the 4th quarter vs. Pitt perfectly, and was a dropped pass away from it paying off. And they came back and won the B1G title game. Going off the stats, the 4th down calls vs. Wisconsin were solid decisions too, for a team that desperately needed something to get them going. 

Urban Meyer promoted Ed Warriner to offensive coordinator after Tom Herman left, and had to force him out after two seasons. The same amount of time Donovan got in a much more challenging situation. Not only that, he went out and hired someone I think we would all agree was an absolute home run in Joe Moorhead. 

There are plenty of coaches that delegate to coordinators and other assistants. One of them just won a national title and is recruiting as well as anyone in the country. Dabo Swinney.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

I think something that is somewhat overlooked is that in just the last 5ish years, the quality/accuracy of rankings has really gone up. Sites like Hudl, and even YouTube, have made it so much easier for multiple sets of eyes to evaluate players. There are numerous camps all over the country that are open to more than just one service. On top of that, the composite does a fantastic job of creating a "standard" from across the four scouting services. So a four or five-star player now has been scouted so much more, by so many more sets of eyes, than ever before.