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Comment 18 Aug 2017

He could speak his mind now, whereas previously he had to protect the interests of HIS players and HIS team.  I get it.  I respect his candor.  

NOW, it means there is just that much more "sauce" for the game in Columbus: it motivates HIS team to not let that happen again AND it motivates PSU because of what happened.  God willing and the creek don't rise, both teams go into that game healthy, undefeated and playing well.  NOTHING better than a head to head between two of the best with so much at stake.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Maybe the "journalist" could do some research: contact the B1G, ask some questions, get some solid information?  Maybe the journalist could call the AD's office and ask for clarification?  Then said journalist could impart some knowledge to the rest of us that just want the FACTS.

Can't understand why any collegiate wrestler wouldn't want to be at PSU, but life is funny.  Whatever his reasons, let him go and wish him the best.  Period.  Hopefully that is how Cael left it.  It will be better for ALL concerned going forward.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

If he enrolls early he might have a shot at playing next year, but if not, he needs a year in the weight room with Galt. He can flat out play, but just imagine what he is going to be able to do when he tunes up his physique?  Scary!!

Secondary message in this "get" by PSU is "Notre Dame", aka the "coaches".  Hope there are other recruits out there that get it.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Lions247 had video from last night, where JoeMo was working with Levis on his throwing form and release.  CJF was standing right there watching and listening. IMO significant, the detail of coaching JoeMo was providing and that CJF was taking it all in, up close and personal.  

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Rob is going to be even "beastier"!!  But the real revelation of this video, to me, is Moss.  He has become one hell of a man.  Every time I hear him talk or see him on TV he just keeps growing.  He would be one hell of a coach. Given how it is usually NOT the GREAT ones that can coach, it seems to me he can.  Truly impressive.

Comment 12 May 2017

You might as well set fire to the bus now and expect it to be burning for another 30 years if PC is fired after the upcoming season.  All the work done to build a foundation that would grow the program and lead to the results you claim to want will be lost.  Power 5 or 10 or 20, PSU is the single hardest major college mens BB coaching gig. Between the history and all the structural issues that need to be dealt with and overcome you will NEVER see the success you keep saying you want if you don't take the long view and wait for it to be completed.

So you keep pushing for a change YOU want, thinking it is going to "help", when all you are doing is setting the stage for decades of continued failure.

Comment 10 May 2017

How many games did Michigan lose at the end of the year?  What did USC do to UDub last year? What happened to Louisville last year? 

And finally, WHICH of these coaches started his job dealing with crushing, unwarranted sanctions?  Who didn't have a losing season while dealing with those sanctions?

I'm not suggesting CJF is a "Top10" in this analysis, but I do believe he is at least as good as Richt and Petrino and Fitzgerald And Whittingham.

Comment 06 May 2017

I saw an article at "Lions247" about how the OSU defensive line would be a problem/challenge for PSU this year.  I'm not buying it. Limegrover has tons ( ;-) ) of talent to work with.  I see the O Line carving out space for SB and making the PSU-OSU game a very bad experience for the OSU defensive line.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

The "starz" on defense is extensive.  DLine goes 15 or 16 deep (7 or 8 at end; 8 or 9 at tackle); linebacker depth is extensive; defensive back depth is greater.  Loss of Reid hurts, but IMO less this year than it would have last year.  BSD just did a piece today on the DLine, and none of the names mentioned includes any of the incoming class.  The Dline is going to be strong.  I predict they will, at least, be a Top 20 defense.

Comment 15 Apr 2017

This is going to add significant fuel to the fire of the game, specifically for Pitt.  "Slap in the face" is the term that comes to mind for the ONLY team to beat the ACC Champion, the B1G Champion, AND the national champion.  I don't think they needed any more incentive for the game. This is going to REALLY amp them up.

For PSU it is obviously an opportunity to clean up the memory of last years loss and, obviously, to poke Pitt in the eye.  

I don't think there are going to be any empty seats for that game.

Comment 13 Apr 2017

The Blades interview is kind of interesting.  Kid seems to have a big heart.  Given the history or significant games between PSU and UM (Miami), if he were to go to ANY school other than Miami, IMO it should be PSU.  Since Miami got Kelly from PA, it would only be fair that a Blades play ball at PSU.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

It sucks BUT PSU is better positioned THIS YEAR,to deal with an injury like this to such an important part of their defense, THAN THEY WERE LAST YEAR.  

Hope he gets well soon and does all he can from the sidleline to make next year as successful as expected.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

It's hard and futile to "compare" or project any player in any sport.  It seems to be what everyone does so: his history seems to compare to another PSU athlete that consistently played for, and WON, championships: Trace McSorley.  ALSO it would be fair to say that like McSorley, this kid might be being "undervalued".  If he is anything like McSorley, it would be a GREAT find.

As noted by OldLion, there is limited tape, so the question I am going to be concerned with is his athleticism.  If he is sufficiently athletic (speed, quickness, bounce, strength) he will be able to compete in the B1G.  If that one 3 point shot is indicative of his range, it appears he checks that box;  but the shot wasn't contested, didn't come off movement, wasn't off the dribble.  It was catch and shoot.

If PC is able to close the deal with this kid, it would seem a good start

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Brandon Bell made everyone on the defense better.  Look at what happened in the Rose Bowl when he left the game.  His interception was a GREAT play, but IMO the game would have turned out differently if he had not been hurt.  So I would give that INT back if I had the choice.  HE was the glue in the back end, so replacing his capabilities, not so much the physical because I believe there is plenty of physical talent that can be inserted into the lineup but the MENTAL, is the biggest challenge facing the defense.  That ability to recognize and make calls and adapt on the fly as plays develop.  As CJF said, he was a playmaker.  So can Bowen or Cabinda or Farmer or Brown or one of the others step up and be that "glue" and playmaker for this years defense?  That will be HUGE.