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Comment 01 Jan 2018

Rose Bowl, because it showed ALL of his abilities: elusiveness, speed, power, vision, quickness.  The Fiesta was great to watch, but that was all about the play call, the blocking, the defense that was called by UDub, and SB's speed.

Said this in another article: it was the type of play and run SB needed 3 more times in the last games of the season and he would have at least been invited to NY.  Love had those kinds of runs all year long.  Stanford would create these freeways for him and with his speed he looked great.  Take nothing away from Love, really good player.  But you give SB the kind of holes that Love had, and the Heisman is a very different narrative. 

SB looking back at the defender as he cruises to the end zone is amazing.  I think the db chasing him is one of the fastest on the UDub team.  To quote the old Mazda commercial: "ZOOM ZOOM!!!"

Comment 05 Dec 2017

My immediate reaction yesterday was to define the problem as being the OLine.  But I didn't want to the blame to young men in college that are going to school and playing football.  But some of the blame does lie with them.  Gesicki with his extremely poor blocking (not all the time but certainly much more frequently than should be the case) and others on the oline just flat out whiffing on blocks.  I said it earlier in the season as this problem started to manifest itself, that it showed the value of Gaia.  All the blockers have to be on the same page AND THEY HAVE TO HIT SOMEBODY.   Too many times too many defenders went unblocked, leaving the best player in college football with nowhere to run.

What we ALL should be acknowledging is the failure of the coaches and the failure of the scheme to adjust and adapt and to protect Saquon.  That was a failure by JoMO.  That was a failure by Limegrover.  That was a failure by Rahne.  That was a failure by CJF.  ALL of them were out-thought, out-schemed, and out-coached, over and over and over again, as the running game failed to evolve and be productive.

The problem wasn't Trace.  Period.  Whoever's pushing that message is delusional.

That failure by the coaches is what ultimately cost those two games.  Run the ball, control the ball and the clock, and PSU wins those tow games and is in the CFP.   

Comment 12 Nov 2017

Disclaimer: I don't know what I don't know.

For example, I have no clue what is happening with Mahon or Gonzales or Wright or ANY of the offensive line.

What I think we ALL KNOW, is that whatever is going on, it isn't working.  What is also indicates to me, is the value Gaia had at center. From what little I can claim to know, it is that the person making the calls on the oline is CRITICAL to the success of the offense.  It SEEMS to me that is lacking this year.

This offense is very similar to that being run by MANY teams.  THEY are able to run the ball.  How is it that THEY can be successful running the ball and PSU CAN'T?

Since it is at the point in the season where a little experimentation might help, how about moving Jenkins into the mix?  How about Menet?  I don't buy the "young and inexperienced" perspective.  Changing up the oline can't be ANY worse than what is going on now.  TRY SOMETHING!!!!!  DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Next point: JoMo is a really good, really creative coach.  If he is the next big thing, WHY hasn't he figured out a way to counter what defenses are doing to Saquon?  EVERY week you see a defender standing less than a yard from Saquon in the PSU BACKFIELD, waiting for him to take the handoff!!!  I don't care WHO the running back is, from Jim Brown to Gale Sayers, NO ONE is going to be able to do anything when he is facing that on EVERY PLAY!!!  As Lombardi said: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????///

You have the best player in the country, and you can't figure out a way to at LEAST give him a chance to run with the ball?  What? THE? FUCK?????????????

The previous two weeks have left me physically ill.  Watching this "display" against Rutgers might have been worse.  

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Really good player that is playing out of control.  I've seen at LEAST 3 plays, in 3 different games, where he SHOULD have been called for targeting.  Not phone or almost targeting.  REAL targeting.  I think he doesn't last the first half of the game this week.  

If it hasn't been a talking point between PSU and B1G officials, it should be.  It's all about player safety.

Comment 01 Oct 2017

RE the blitzes, some of that comes down to line calls, and some of that comes down to "audibles" or options selected by Trace.  But as I said above, the line has to get it's act together, just as you  note.  IF you get by jNW, you have some time to work on it.

I also have a theory about some of what is going on.  I will save that for a few weeks from now.

Comment 01 Oct 2017

I won't "rate" or criticize Trace until the line shows ABILITY and stability.  Lack of consistent run blocking makes the pass rush easier and better.

Trace is not getting any time in the pocket.  It seems he is barely there a second before he HAS to start reacting to the rush.  The CENTER of the line is NOT holding back the interior "push" which leaves him no room to step up, and the right tackle is consistently being beaten to the outside.  On top of that, what I see, and I admit I KNOW NOTHING, is linebackers and safeties stepping up to take away the run option and then continuing on into a blitz.  He has NO time for the play to develop. Does JoMo have something different up his sleeve? Does Limegrover have some answers?

Lets have a consistent dose of line play, some more creativity from JoMo and then we can have a rational discussion regarding QB play.

Comment 25 Sep 2017

Before the season started, I thought the schedule was extremely difficult, despite the "training wheel" games with the MAC and Georgia State.  And it only gets harder from here.  I said "make it to the bye at 6-0 and there is a chance to win it all".  So far so good, but it only gets harder from here.

They are battered and bruised by Iowa.  Iowa played lights out.  IU is going to come to town wanting a shot at PSU and having to go to jNW the following week, facing a desperate jNW for an early kickoff, will be significantly challenging.  After the bye a three week "murderers row" makes or breaks the season, and they STILL have 3 more to play after THAT.  Makes me cringe, and makes me KNOW I will be unhappy when the season is over, no matter how it plays out.

Great teams do great things. This team has the opportunity to be great, the schedule makes it possible. 

Comment 17 Sep 2017

this just shows how stupid these "voters" are.  Either they didn't watch the PSU game, didn't consider the importance of the OSU/Pitt result, or they didn't watch the USC/Texas game.  

USC played Texas.  TEXAS!!  Not Georgia State. Is USC the same as it was in the Rose Bowl?  No, but still, it was TEXAS (regardless of their problems).

Pitt got blasted at home by Okie State.  BLASTED!!!  Was that the result of a "hangover" from the PSU game?  Or is it indicative that Okie State is REALLY good?  But the point to this is that PSU had the same problems against Pitt that it did against Georgia State AND Akron.  For now, PSU can't run the ball consistently with Barkley; the defensive line is not getting push.  Okie State vs TCU this week will, IMO, tell us a lot.

This week at Iowa is going to be extremely interesting and will start to show whether this is a REAL contender, or if it's "Memorex".

Comment 17 Sep 2017

Fix the run game or this season is going to go up in flames VERY QUICKLY, VERY SOON. Are they saving the counters and traps for "big games"?  Is there not a straight dive play in the playbook, where from tackle to tackle, they just go "hat on hat" and let Saquon find the hole, wherever it ends up being? I watched Clemson tonight, and they are running what appears to be a similar offense, and were absolutely killing it with their run game.

There seems to be little push from Cothran and Cothren.  Am I missing something in how I view what's happening on the D line? 

I hope Brown is ok, but it didn't look good.

Comment 15 Sep 2017

The "comparison" that needs to be watched, is how Okie State does against Pitt this week.  IMHO this is a HUGE game re the CFP.  IF Pitt either pulls off the upset and/or plays them really close, good for PSU.  If Okie blows Pitt out: not good. (Just call me Mr. Obvious?)

Comment 04 Sep 2017

1. Naruzzi is a good defensive coach.  Pitt will be UP for this game.  BE READY.  

2. Iowa is going to be tough.

3. jNW is going to be tough.

4. UMich is going to be TOUGH.

5. UMD is going to be tough.

6. 5b5b5b5b5b.  NOTHING else matters today, tomorrow, and on until Saturday night.

Comment 31 Aug 2017

12-0  I think they can run the table.  Multiple difficult games make this, IMO, one of the most challenging schedules in the country.  If they get through the first six, that bye week will be huge, setting the stage for the "death march" of UM, OSU and MSU (included ONLY because it is away; MSU  needs another year to recover). 

Comment 30 Aug 2017

Yup.  Lots of motivation from being considered SECOND best, from the commentators picking other teams to make the playoffs, etc, etc, etc. Every time I hear "fluke wins" it pisses me off.

I have long held the belief that you NEVER know, from week to week, let alone season to season, what you have as a team until they play.  How's the locker room?  How's the COMMITMENT to each other and to the goals?  Are they focused?  Do they play hard every play?  So many variables, that I always go back to: talks cheap, lets play (Johnny U).

I get  a sense that these guys want to play; that they are committed; that they are prepared mentally and won't fold when things get tough.  Still, all this is, is a lot of jaw, jaw, jaw. Looking forward to tomorrow night, when my Blue Hens kickoff, and Saturday when you guys get started.

Good luck.

Comment 18 Aug 2017

He could speak his mind now, whereas previously he had to protect the interests of HIS players and HIS team.  I get it.  I respect his candor.  

NOW, it means there is just that much more "sauce" for the game in Columbus: it motivates HIS team to not let that happen again AND it motivates PSU because of what happened.  God willing and the creek don't rise, both teams go into that game healthy, undefeated and playing well.  NOTHING better than a head to head between two of the best with so much at stake.