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Comment 20 Jun 2019

The thing stuck out last season was how conservative the offense had become.  The field shrank.  The deep threat has disappeared.  Defenses would routinely give us single coverage on a WR and we rarely if ever optioned out of the play and threw it to that WR.  Even Jay Paterno’s offenses did that.  

The hilarious thing is that Clifford was a one trick pony last season, except that trick was throwing those home run passes that we were missing...  So I’m optimistic for the season even as I remain skeptical of Rahne. 

Comment 09 May 2019

He’s a John Donovan or Ricky Rahne away from being #5 or 6 in my opinion.  Recruiting, leadership, plus the Moorehead hire put him in strong position.  But this man Ricky better put in his big boy pants or we’re going to look like Miles era LSU.  

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Yeah Brooks has at times flashed his potential, and it reminded me of LBers of ye olde.  I also don’t feel great with Parsons staying at LB.  It was the best way to get our most talented player into the position of greatest need, but he still looks like a DE playing LB to me.  

Comment 09 Jan 2019

The way I see it is we have a new problem: NFL talent at nearly every position because of stellar recruiting, but we’re not successful enough on the field to convince guys it’s worth risking millions of dollars to play another year.  Beating that Alabama team was probably worth it for those Clemson players.  But it’s hard to convince a guy to put his future on the line to compete for 3rd place in the division...