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Comment 16 Nov 2019

Would you happen to be able to easily find the point spreads for the last two Ohio State games?  I recall the Buckeyes being solid favorites in both, but the outcomes were obviously much closer than expected even though PSU lost. Favorites don't always win, let's hope for a huge upset!  

Along those lines, although I could see Coach Franklin viewing this as a sign of disrespecting the team in not thinking they could beat OSU otherwise, but what would it hurt to just run basically every trick play, fake punt (although NOT the one that Indiana ran), and go for it on most 4th downs?  I would rather see Penn State just play a "nothing to lose" type of game and if they get blown out, so be it.  Ohio State has been so dominant, but one bad day would totally wreck their season and they haven't had any adversity, it would be interesting to see how they would react if they had a close game in the 4th quarter.  

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Another to add to the "what if" category: If Dotson is able to keep his footing while running on the pass during the final drive, he looked to have a solid shot of making it to the end zone.  Instead of having thrown the game winning TD in a remarkable comeback fashion, Clifford eventually gets saddled with the game clinching interception a few plays later.  Another reason why I don't dig too deep into the stats when trying to predict future performance.  These things just sometimes happen to work out that way.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Sometimes it is the little things that add up that ultimately determines the outcome of the game.  A few random thoughts on decisions made/not made that had a hand in the loss today.

* With Penn State in the red zone in the first quarter, and the play clock running down, the team was called for delay of game to push a manageable 3rd and 3 back to 3rd and 8, ultimately leading to a FG.  I frequently see head coaches running up to the official to get a timeout to avoid a penalty in that spot.  Getting FGs vs TDs in the red zone was what decided this game and I feel (and felt at the time) they should have used a timeout there to preserve a better position to score a TD.  That decision could have resulted in four more points for PSU. Instead, PSU *saved* that timeout and used it in advance of a Minnesota punt at the start of the 2nd quarter. 

* I'm completely frustrated with all of the running plays that they called in the red zone.  Not only were they not succesful, I would love to have all that time wasted from those plays - it could probably be another possession's worth of time.  It seemed like the throws to the TEs were having success, would have liked to see that more often, especially on FIRST downs...including on the first and goal at the end of the game.  And, please no more fade patterns to KJ in the end zone.

* I think the 2 Point Conversion call after the TD to make it 24-19 in the third quarter was unnecessary and completely impacted the remainder of the game. There wasn't any reason to expect that Minnesota wasn't going to score the rest of the game to worry about making it a 3 point game at that point.  What happened from that point on was that after Minnesota made it 31-19, PSU's decisions were impacted by that missed point.  If it were instead 31-20 when PSU was in the red zone in the mid 4th quarter, they likely would have kicked a FG to make it a one score game at 31-23 (instead of going for it on fourth down).  Then the subsequent TD would have either made it 31-29 or tied at 31...meaning if they were still behind it would have only been by a max of two points at the end of the game.  Yes, there were plenty of other plays that impacted the loss, but this was simply a bad decision.

I don't think this game can be viewed as anything but a huge disappointment, you just don't get many opportunities like this at an undefeated season.  I've read a lot of comments online saying that this loss doesn't change anything in terms of Penn State's path, etc, but unfortunately I think that is people trying to make themselves feel better.  Penn State had a legitimate shot at the playoff even with a loss to OSU, especially due to what is happening to Alabama as I'm currently typing vs LSU.  Plus the consolation of missing out of the playoff and going to the Rose Bowl is pretty much gone....Minnesota hasn't been there in a very long time so if they can get them to Pasadena that is a no-brainer choice.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

It's a shame that they caught a really tough break on the Stevens' basket that was waived off in the final minute.  Before that play, the refs put an extra .5 seconds on the clock, but I guess you can't do that for the shot clock.  Because the time that elapsed from the in-bound to when Stevens' shot left his hand was about .5 seconds, so that amount of time AND what should have been left on the shot clock before the clock update would have been enough time for the basket to be good.  Basically, there needs to be a change to the shot clock so that it is in tenths of a second as well.  Even though it didn't work out that was a well drawn up play, and overall a great effort that fell just short.

Comment 01 Feb 2019

Great effort to come back from the early first half deficit.  It's a shame that they didn't get that call or have anything left in overtime.  The team definitely hasn't given up, and hopefully they are rewarded soon with a win.

Comment 31 Jan 2019

Thanks for the response.  Do you have any thoughts on some sort of, for lack of better term, re-tread candidate?  A coach that has had some success before but is trying to re-establish his profile after a tough time at his most recent job?  I suggested someone like Steve Alford before, but I would think he would probably have better options than Penn State...although the fact that he played (Indiana) and coached (Iowa) in the Big Ten would hopefully make it his preferred league to coach in again.  Would most of those types of candidates command more of a salary than what you think PSU would pay? 

I honestly don't think the up-and-coming candidates, like Nate Oats, would want to sabotage their career path by taking a difficult job like Penn State, so I was thinking that a more recognized name could recruit OK at PSU, even if they are just using the job to move on to somewhere else.  I'm OK with saying that PSU is not a "destination job" at this moment, but maybe someday haha! 

Comment 30 Jan 2019

I agree with a few of the other commenters in that this comes across as a "sour grapes" type of article, blaming the basketball culture at Penn State, instead of a coach that has had a lot of support on this website and the other one for years...and has had ample opportunity.   As if there is no coach in the world that could possibly do better.  If Coach Chambers doesn't come back next season, this will be the first time since the early '80s that a PSU coach didn't at least take his team to the NCAA tournament. 

If what was mentioned in the article that all of these things (facility, fan base, University commitment to basketball, etc) aren't going to change, then what would it hurt to take a chance on bringing it a new coach?  What are we trying to preserve?  The pipeline to an area for players that can't get you to the NCAA tournament?

Comment 27 Jan 2019

Being "close" against Rutgers is not anywhere near where you want to be.  I fully expected this to be a "take your frustrations out" type of game and a win in the 20 point range.  It's amazing to think that the last game that Penn State won against a Big Ten opponent was the game vs Ohio State at MSG in the Big Ten Tournament.  It's also hard to believe that this team peaked in exhibition season.  It's a shame because the second half of the Big Ten schedule seemed to lighten up that if the team could get it together, 6 or 7 wins were out there, but now getting rid of the zero in record looks to be a larger goal than expected.

I'm not one for calling for someone's job, but if it is decided at the end of the season to go in a different direction, I would prefer that they go into the "re-tread that is trying to re-establish his image" type of pool, someone like Steve Alford....even if that coach would likely use Penn State to move on to a bigger and better job after a few (hopefully successful) years.  Alford has accomplished some things, including 11 NCAA tournament appearances, and has a recognized name that could possibly recruit more than one area.  I think taking a chance on someone like that, like Virginia Tech did with Buzz Williams, would be my preferred path instead of a coach with little major college experience.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

I'm not going to get too in depth with my analysis, but my takeaway from the game is that this team is going to be fun to watch.  I was really impressed with the performance.  I hope Mike gets well, because that is much more important that basketball, but if somehow he makes it back onto the court this team has a ceiling much higher than I originally expected.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

It will be interesting to see how things play out for the remainder of this season and next year as well.  I understand that Coach Franklin wants to take Penn State to the "next level", as do many coaches, but it's definitely not a certainty.   It is possible that the past few years have been a "window" of opportunity with having Saquon and Trace. And while Penn State has accomplished some great things, replacing program-changing type of players is not always a smooth transition.  I'm encouraged by the recruiting successes of the program in recent years, but that also has to keep progressing and hopefully a strong finish to the season will help do that.  Personally, I'm concerned that replacing Trace is going to make 2019 another transition year.  

As for Saturday's game vs MSU, what a huge disappointment.  You don't need to be elite or great to win games like that, but the offense just didn't have the consistency that we have been hoping for.  I still can't believe that MSU punted with less than two minutes left and were still able to get the ball back for the winning TD.  Unfortunately, being able to close out games with a big first down has plagued the team in the past two years.  

I really wish that PSU could have had this year's schedule with last year's team, because I think 12-0 would have been a real possibility.  Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out in that respect.

Comment 05 Oct 2018

That's certainly true.  It would also help if Pitt could turn into a somewhat-competent football team and win at Notre Dame, not only to help PSU's schedule but to knock the Irish out of the mix.  Don't see that one happening though.

Comment 05 Oct 2018

While I don't see Ohio State losing to Michigan or Michigan State, I think that Michigan State is the better team to use as the third tiebreaker team in this scenario because they have Ohio State at home.  I just don't think Michigan will win in Columbus.  MSU doesn't play Wisconsin or Iowa, so in that scenario, the tiebreaker should easily go to Penn State.

As for making the playoff, my opinion is that the best case scenario for Penn State is that Ohio State go undefeated and win the Big Ten (even if it is hard to root for it). If that happens, OSU would be ranked as high as #2, and perhaps #1 if Alabama slips up in the regular season or SEC title game.  This would make Penn State's one point loss look as good as possible, and if it works out that they have no other losses on the schedule, it could be enough to make the playoff as a second Big Ten team in.

I personally think it is more likely for Ohio State to go undefeated than to rely on these other lesser teams to beat them, but it's good to know that the tiebreaker scenario does exist and would likely favor PSU if they get some help.

Comment 13 Mar 2018

75 minutes?!? That has to be a record.  Fortunately I dislike my job enough that I need any distraction to get through the work day.  

In terms of this season, I was a bit hesitant to call this team an NCAA tourney team when it started, so I would call myself satisfied with the results of the season in terms of an NIT berth since it at least showed some progress.  However, at its peak, this team has shown that it compete with some of the better teams in the country so I can understand if those call it a bit of a disappointment.  The consistency just wasn't there to warrant an NCAA bid. 

I hope that next season's schedule in the non-conference is better, as this team deserve a real chance to make the tourney.  Even though it may not help the overall record, I also hope they get some more home and homes with the best teams in the league like Michigan State, Michigan, and Purdue.  You aren't going to win most of them but having more shots at the better teams is why some of these bubble teams made it, especially those in the ACC.  Plus it gives you more of a margin for error if you do slip up in a game or two.

In terms of the luck factor on KenPom, I think the last time PSU was rated so low in that number was in the 2009-10 season, the year between the NIT title and NCAA tourneys.  That team was a big disappointment record-wise and I recall a number of close losses.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

While I don't think it is going to happen, I'm still not completely writing off Penn State's NCAA tournament chances just yet.  There isn't much in terms of logic as to why I feel that they have chance, but it is more of a gut feeling.  When I watch all of these bubble teams with similar resumes, it's hard not to think that Penn State is not better than a lot of these teams that are supposedly in.  It wouldn't make sense in terms of the RPI, as I believe Penn State would be the first at-large team with an RPI in the 70s to make it, but it depends on how much (if any) the committee values other pieces of information like KenPom or ESPN's BPI.  Those numbers reflect much better on Penn State's season. 

When I look at teams like Louisville, Oklahoma, or Notre Dame, I think that Penn State is right there in terms of talent as those teams, but it is a shame that they scheduled so poorly in the non-conference and had a few too many bad losses.  Every so often the committee ends up picking a team that none of the experts projected to be in the field.  Perhaps the "eye test" leads to Penn State somehow getting picked for the tournament.

Comment 03 Mar 2018

I would love to know what the percentage of the three games that Penn State led Ohio State this season.  PSU led for most of the first one, almost all of the second one, and most of last night's game.  I'm guessing it has to be over 90% of the three games.  

Much credit to Shep for the defense at the end and for Josh for sinking those free throws and obviously finishing off the game with the winning dunk.  I'm always a fan of not calling a timeout as well.  Either way, it was a tremendous play considering everyone thought Tony was going to take the last shot.  

I sometimes laugh at some of the "definitive" takes from a lot of the media out there about Penn State's chances to make the NCAA tournament over recent weeks.  There was the sentiment that the Penn State-Nebraska game from six days ago was a bubble elimination game, a game that Penn State lost and wasn't even competitive.  Then the feeling has been, because of the 1-3 finish, that Penn State needs to win the BTT to get in the NCAA tournament, which is something that I still agree with.  But now after Penn State adds just one more upset to the resume, those same people are basically saying Penn State is in already or is a lock if they beat Purdue.  Considering that all of the bubble teams ahead/near PSU in the discussion have their own conference tournaments and final regular season games to make noise, the only way Penn State would lock up anything is to win two more games.  Winning today definitely gets them in the conversation but I don't think just beating Purdue would be enough to feel safe.  I definitely think they have a chance to win today though.

Comment 02 Mar 2018

For Penn State to win, they are going to have really shoot well from three point range because of the likely huge disadvantage inside.  It was nice to see Josh hit some big threes yesterday, as he often gets plenty of open looks and the improvement of his shot from long range would be a big help, not just for this season but going forward.

Could you imagine winning this game and playing Rutgers for the chance to go the finals?!?

Comment 01 Mar 2018

Also - love the Pitt bashing.  Should be a regular segment!  They are actually very fortunate to have won the non-conference games that they did, as they barely won a handful of games against 200+ RPI teams at home.

Comment 01 Mar 2018

Penn State's first conference game last season was on 12/27.  But for this season, for some reason they started the remaining 16 games (after the two early December games) on 1/2.  If they would have just started the remaining 16 games in the last week of December this season, then the schedule wouldn't have been as tight and everything would have worked out fine.  I don't mind the one year change to MSG or having it a week earlier, but I think it could have been scheduled much better.  

Comment 20 Feb 2018

You're right. Sorry I was not clear.  I was referring to their RPI ranking as opposed to their RPI calculation.  I was alluding to the possibility of whether Michigan could be passed by teams behind them if Michigan loses a game but the other teams exceed the expectations of the projected RPI ranking and don't lose another game.  The projected RPI ranking for Michigan is 25, so it seems unlikely that at least six teams would pass them to drop them out of the top 30 (at least in the scenario being referred to, where Michigan goes 1-1), which would work out well for PSU. 

Comment 20 Feb 2018

Cool, thanks for all of the info!  I was thinking about it more as it relates to Michigan.  If they would go 1-1 this week, with PSU beating them, I was wondering if losing to PSU would drop them out of the top 30.  Hopefully for PSU's sake it doesn't.  

I totally agree about it being more beneficial for wins over Nebraska (possibly 2) and Michigan to look as good as possible by having those teams win their other games this week, then any sort of detriment to PSU's B10 tourney seed.  Penn State can make a run from any spot in the bracket so that is not as important in my opinion as the best resume they can have.