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Comment 02 Apr 2018

Dread can play. He's and undersized 3 but he's has a good outside shot.  Tony is the straw that stirs the drink.  He comes back, Penn state can be a sweet 16 team.  He doesn't come back...who's running the point? Wheeler? The freshman? Guard play is the key to winning.  If shep was hitting shots throughout year, Penn state could have been in NCAAs.  Look at his performances in the NIT

Comment 31 Mar 2018

Don't get it twisted, if Tony doesn't come back this team is back to square one.  Still not sold on the recruiting or the bench.  It was a good run, Penn State should be happy.  But again, a school with that many resources should be NCAA contenders Year in and out.  Personally I still don't think that Chambers is a good coach.  But, he just got another three year deal based off this NIT run

Comment 13 Mar 2018

I know that I've hard on your school, but I'll defend you one time :-)

Fran is salty because he lost Lamar and Tony.  Tony grew up five minutes Temple's campus and would have stayed home.  These are the kids that Temple is used to getting.  

There's just as much pressure on Dunphy as there is On Chambers 

Comment 11 Mar 2018

Ftw, how do you attack Carr for being inconsistent? If he wasn't there, you wouldn't have a team, plain and simple.  He carried the team damn near every night.

As for the program, Chambers has you by the  .  Can't get rid of him and he doesn't deserve to stay.  The team played better bc they were trying to "save" their coach.  What are they playing for now?

Comment 03 Feb 2018

Dan, I don't know you.  So don't take it personally. I have a vested interest in PSU basketball bc of some of the current players. Ive gone to unofficial visits and seen the Resources first hand. No way with its proximity to New York, Pittsburgh and Philly should his program be this bad at this time. NO WAY.  Chambers got his start at Espicopal bc of Wayne and Gerald.  He moved to Nova bc they wanted both of them. He got to Boston U and did a good job.  This is over his head.  It's easy to get kids when you're at Nova bc it sells itself.  The tough kids to get are the top 25 kids.  There should be a top 100 kid In every class

Comment 03 Feb 2018

Dan what I am saying is this: the recruiting nowadays does go off of AAU.  However the best players earn their chops during the grind of traditional season.  Kid  from Gonzaga plays in WCAC the toughest league on East Coast other than PCL.  He can play.  Issue with him is that he's a tweeter: not a two small for a three. Your best players played where? Oak Hill and Roman and one from Phelps who originally played in the Philly Public League.  Penn State getting these kids from AAU teams and they are mid-majors at best.  They look good with others players in a non structured setting. Satchel Pierce=bum, got him from AAU. Other big kid from GA=bum. Played in soft a-- phillly prep school league and AAU=bum, Hararh, played in suburban philly league. Only reason that people heard about him is bc he played for a big AAU team=bum.  Y'all getting bums because they play for super teams and they look good. Kyle McCloskey is a bum.  If he was good why isn't he playing basketball at Nova? The top players are ranked high for a reason and it's solely not from AAU.  Chambers can't get good players because he's not a good coach.  He's a good salesman.  All the resources up there and the basketball team is a-- save a few players.  It's him and his philosophy.  He gotta go

Comment 02 Feb 2018

Still recruiting guys who can't play.  No top 100 players in a class.  This is a football school, so riddle me this: if PSU football doesn't get a number of five stars to go along with a significant number of top 300 players, what does the football team look like? This team is going to be horrible after Tony and Lamar leave if the coach isn't GONE!!!

Comment 17 Jan 2018

Ok let's say that there's a new coach next year and all the Sophs come back.  You're still going to have issues because your freshman recruits aren't good.  Wheeler is solid, but the other freshman can't play and should not be playing in Big 10. As far as current players go,  Pierce is not good and chambers was recruiting him out of high school.  Out of your recruits coming in, only the kid from Gonzaga is a known commodity and should be  solid rotation player. So 4 jrs, 1.5 srs, 1 soph and 1fresh.  That could get you in tourney if players transfer and you have a grad transfer or 2.  Carr, Stevens and Watkins need help.

Comment 29 Dec 2017

I know a little more than you think.  There is going to be some turnover at the end of the roster because it isn't any good.  But at the top, they most likey are going to stay. Reeves is a senior, Watkins is a redshirt jr...where are they going?  Tony leaves to go a Nat'l contender for one year? I doubt that.  These guys like  Penn state and what it offers off the court. But all this is a smokescreen for the main issue: the coach.  

Comment 28 Dec 2017

Dan, you keep saying it's the schedule, it's bigger than that.  It's about performance and improvements.    She was ticked about the home conference loss and she should be.  As a basketball fan, I have issues.  No ONE comes to the games. They had tickets for nine bucks on stubhub for the last game.  Every other  team draws huge crowds.  What's the issue here?  Secondly, the recruits he's getting in now.  The big kid for California? Kyle mccloskey? Really?!? There's no improvements in perception, talent or coaching.  How long will this last?

Comment 28 Dec 2017

Her body language said it all: This is it. She clearly wasn't mad about the kids missing games (which suggests that it was something not that serious but more on the lines of being immature), she didn't care about the non conference schedule.  Chambers better show improvements in that horrible conference record or he's gone.  With that being said, my question is this: how did that non conference schedule do anything to help your team or your job?