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It's my pleasure to serve as a senior editor for Roar Lions Roar. I am greatly enjoying building up a brand new entity from scratch (with a ton of help from our friends at Eleven Warriors, of course) after having spent time writing for multiple team sites on SB Nation including Black Shoe Diaries, Tomahawk Nation, Land Grant Holy Land, Alligator Army, as well as the main college football hub. I also spent time on the professional side, writing about the Seattle Seahawks for Field Gulls on the SB Nation network.

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Comment 06 Mar 2020

Off the top of my head, without digging deeply into what positions they played, I'd go...

QB: Frost
RB: Fleck
WR: Day
WR: Allen
WR: Franklin
TE: Ferentz
LT: Tucker
LG: Chryst
C: Fitzgerald
RG: Schiano
RT: Locksley

DE: Frost
DT: Tucker
DT: Locksley
DE: Schiano
OLB: Allen
MLB: Fitzgerald
OLB: Franklin
CB: Fleck
S: Brohm
S: Harbaugh
CB: Lovie

Offense: Frost is the obvious choice at QB. I like the combo of Fleck/Franklin/Day/Allen at the skill positions, those guys will outhustle most other coaches. I like Ferentz's chances to be a wily tight end who mostly stays in to block but knows how to pick his spots. Tucker is the easy pick for LT, and I like the thought of Schiano and Locksley being a dominant run blocking tandem on the right.

Defense: I'm thinking of Schiano as more of my 4-tech DE, focused on run-stopping, with Frost as my LEO to take advantage of his youth and athleticism. Tucker is an easy choice as my 3-tech, and then I have Locks as my 1-tech. Tucker is a godsend for the conference for this exercise, by the way. Fitz is the easy choice for MLB, and Franklin showed good enough form on his tackle after the Cotton Bowl that I'll throw him out there. Allen I have no doubt would have a Micah-like impact. I know Lovie was a DB back in the day, so he's obviously there, and I think Fleck would do well with harassing receivers. I have Harbaugh and Brohm at the back end because of their knowledge of quarterback play/offense. They may not be the most athletic, but they will probably be able to read the play quickly enough to be in the right position.

I should probably just make this a post.