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Comment 15 Mar 2019

Considering that this year they had the 2nd toughest schedule, three freshman, and arguably the worst luck in the history of the NCAA, not to mention their best player not getting a third of calls in the lane (this past game and that purdue game were just blatant missed calls)

I am okay with this. He deserves another year after their turn around. I'm not being blind to the 0-10 start, I'm acknowledging the distinct possibility that the ball did not roll their way this year in the slightest. But if Lamar doesn't come back, then Pat won't the following year. 

Comment 12 Mar 2019

And if Thorpe can make the permanent switch the O line and is solid in pass pro, he is a total mauler. Tons of talent, just unproven talent

Comment 12 Mar 2019

App state is a known giant-slayer who was a top25 team before they lost their star tailback. It took two great plays from Hamler and one from Amani to win that game, not the other way around. Two fluke plays from a non competitive MSU 4th quarter? How about one of three picks or one of four fumbles bounce our way instead of theirs? Hobbled Wisconsin? How about JT scoring about a minute in and not getting anything the rest of the game? 

Cmon man, you can't hate on this team that much. Give these guys some credit. 6-6 is the worst case? That's downright disaster. That'd mean they lose osu, mich, msu, along with I assume you think pitt maryland/indiana, iowa. Have a little shred of faith. 

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Yeah it seems I shared my thoughts either too early, or Pat reads RLR and then turned it on.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Are you telling me Franklin was outcoached in a game Penn State won 45-12? You are the poster child for Penn State pessimism. 

And don't point to the first half score, I remember it being 10-12. Which would make me point out that second half was 35-0