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Comment 23 Jun 2019

Is that the now the first two commits in this class gone? That's the weirder part I think.

Anyway, Go State Beat Vandals

Comment 21 Jun 2019

I fully believe he's going to make it in the pros. He's serviceable from 3, finishes great at the rim, and we all know his defense is insane. How many times did he fly in from nowhere and get a put-back dunk or tip in? That's how he plays and that type of speed and play never goes out of style in the NBA. 

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Deep State. Speed kills. F*ck it go deep. 

All those deep ball, toss it up there, let the receiver make a play phrases come to mind when looking at this guy. And honestly the rest of the receiver room too, lots and lots of speed on the depth chart

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Talking with a friend of mine, I kinda didn't want to put Franklin at 1. But then you look at the rest of the coaches and who would you elevate above him? Dantonio (some would) but he's piddling pretty much all the time. Fitzgerald, but Northwestern takes advantage of West shambles. Chryst is like the only guy that's consistent in the west. 

Also, harbaugh, just a hearty chuckle when you see a 3 next to michigan

Comment 12 Jun 2019

1. Please, who told you Tommy had no chance? 2. You're not wrong about O'Brien's recruits in 2016, but let's not forget the two most important positions on offense were Franklin's guys, and then we get to 2017 and that's a full four years after BoB is gone so don't disseminate something that is wrong or at least not entirely right. 3. The transfer portal; I beg you to tell me that Brandon Polk and Jarvis Miller are better than Hamler or Parsons, please. 4. Michigan State, that game was just a vacuum the last two years. I don't really want to fight you on that because I know you wont' listen to reason or another opinion. 

Man I am just tired of your negativity, and yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you are just the biggest Debbie Downer I've ever read. 

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Literally why...? Like I guess there's probably another depth chart somewhere that doesn't have as many receivers, but only one receiver on this team is proven. Maybe it's the prospect of a brand new quarterback, but Clifford's tape is kinda solid.

Whatever, I guess.

Comment 01 May 2019

I mean, the rose colored glasses say top 15. Maybe as high as 12. But there's so much to replace on offense, so I get it

But the other side of that coin is who do you put ahead of Penn State, who is definitively better?

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Lamar has to return if they want a shot at the tournament. This is a huge step in the right direction for both his return and a possible run, but losing a 1st team all conference player would be, bad. 

Please Lamar, if you're reading this, don't leave us. 

Comment 25 Apr 2019

I'm getting a little doom and gloom. I also peeked at elevenwarriors so that may be why. 

Not a lot of positive Fleming news recently, Carmody hasn't been up in a while, and then McCord Harrison Jr and Trotter Jr have all been trending away. I'd say two of those final three are must-gets. 

I don't know, I wish Fleming would just pull the favorable trigger already and make us all happy.