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Comment 12 Feb 2019

They always do this. Always, every year. Upset a top 10 team that they have no business beating on paper. 

2-1 (should be 3-0) in their last three, they deserved this one so much, Lamar especially

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Starting the whole thing off with RBY scrapping for a victory really set the tone, and then Lee shocked the crowd. Those first two matches were awesome to go in our favor, it was over in about ten minutes. 

Oh, then Bo pinned him like a corkboard which was also pretty awesome (had him pinned for about ten seconds before it was called)

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Not only for their experience, but for us getting to see them in actual game action is a treat. 

Not to mention somehow Daniel George is a record holder, for his first catch ever

Comment 03 Feb 2019

It takes a top flight talent player to get the ball to the greats. Don't let the uber success of the Barkley, Gesicki, and Hamilton distract you. Barkley: arguably the most talented back in PSU history. Gesicki: calling him stone hands his freshman year was a compliment. He turned into the best TE we'd seen in a while. Hamilton: He broke the all-time receptions record for a reason.   And so we're clear, it takes a fine player to get those guys the ball. Look at this year; drops magnified the loss of some of the programs all timers. One drop on any single play changes the entire plan of the drive. Thompkins dropped that 1st down throw, now its 2nd and 10 not 2. Now we can't run the ball, we're probably going to pass again. So don't say Trace couldn't get players the ball, because oh by the way, he nearly snapped his leg in half this year and single-handedly won the B1G championship by breaking that games passing yards record. 

Stop feeding everyone this drivel about how Trace is a system QB and not good let alone great. He litters the record books for a reason.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Wade is a little surprising, I thought he was praised as the heir apparent to Nick Scott's spot. 

And this seems like a lot of players. Combined with the draft guys this seems like more players wondering if they should leave than I can remember. Did a coach sit down with these 3 (Wade specifically) and have an end of the year talk? and did that make him think "I better get the heck out of here".

I don't know, this just doesn't sound good, but if a ton of other schools are having the same issue then it's an non issue

Comment 11 Jan 2019

It's a damn shame if he goes. Yes he had quite a bit of drops this year but he is still a more than solid veteran that I would like to have here rather than elsewhere. He's huge, not slow, and had previously reliable hands. I hope he stays here. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Actually, your take is bad. Take two seconds and look at the premiere attention Saquon is gathering not just for the football program, but also for Penn State. "Okay," you say, "but he is a once in a generation talent and personality. Franklin is going to lose his job if he can't keep players." What you're missing is not the big picture, but the actual picture. Penn State Football wants its players to be good here and then also be good in the big leagues. Should Givens have stayed? Probably. Should Bates or McGovern have stayed? Probably. Their experience with our program is amazing and they were extremely high level players. But they're gone and have legit shots at an NFL roster (Givens..maybe). Now, Franklin can walk into any recruits living room and say, "Hey look at the players I am sending to the pros. You can be that guy too because I am that good." That line will bring the top guys here, which is good for Penn State Football, good for Franklin, good for Sandy Barbour, and good for Penn State. 

tl;dr Franklin isn't going anywhere unless he has a few 3-9 seasons and stops recruiting at an elite level because that's part of his job.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

He probably saw some writing on the wall, with Slade and Brown (and Holmes) already here and two more blue chippers coming. Not to mention he had a comparable season to Saquon last year, I could be convinced it was even a little better.

He's quick, shifty, and does the most important thing of not getting hit in the backfield. He'll be a great day two steal, yeah it would have been awesome to see another year of him but I wish him luck.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Because what you posted was short sighted and an incorrect solution. Yeah maybe we should have a sneak play from under center, but that is flat out, unquestionably not how the offense is run. We are going to see the shotgun every single play, we're just going to have to get used to it. I agree, buddy, we should have a sneak play, I hate seeing us lose 5 yards every time too, but it's not going to change. 

Challenging in the first quarter unless the call is clearly wrong is just reckless. and then with over four minutes to go, the field goal was probably the more right call. 

I'm sorry what you posted got voted down, but sometimes the bear gets you.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

There were a lot of plays, at least 6 that had any combo of 2 gone the other way, penn state wins. Thompkins not fielding the punt or his two blatant drops, Gonzo going downfield negating Juwan's huge catch, either of pinegar's misses. Okay yeah they didn't and Penn State lost, but they made us cheer in the fourth for ten straight minutes and I guess we have to accept it. 

But man is the future bright: Parsons, Jahan, Shorter, and Clifford (he threw a DIME to Thompkins cold off the bench). These departures hurt especially Givens and both OL, if just either Bates or McGovern stayed it'd be okay.

I mean hell, We Are buddy, bring on Idaho! (Trace I love you)