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Comment 31 May 2019

Big loss, especially considering Urban isn't there anymore. So the new WR coach (admittedly don't know if he was involved in this kid's recruitment) can't get the high value recruits, but he seems to have no problem getting DUIs...smh.


Comment 31 May 2019

It's about accurate IMO, but the X-factor is always Chambers himself. Last year, they couldn't even manage a winning record. This year they SHOULD make the tournament, but with Chambers at the helm, it is about 50/50 I believe.

Comment 16 Nov 2018

Damaging loss and it was a game they should have won. I think they are in for a rough season especially if Mike doesn't come back anytime soon. Yesterday they were exposed inside and that is where teams will take advantage, and that is going to be particularly brutal in B1G play.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

Agree with you on the benching part, but in terms of Franklin, he commits the same coaching errors every season and his in game calls have always been inconsistent at best as well as his teams being constantly unprepared for big road games. So the whole "He led the team from 6-6...blah, blah" has to be put to bed now, partly because those were teams still dealing with sanctions. Now without the sanctions and the rosters getting close to full strength along with the talent, he is still failing to beat the teams he needs to beat.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

PSU isn't 10-3 yet and with the way they've played it is entirely fair to wonder if they will get there. I am highly critical of the coaching staff but I think it is fair to give Rahne another year. To me, the Coaches that absolutely have to be fired are Limegrover and Galiano.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

My bad, I guess I was thinking of the Albany game from two seasons ago. They still lost to Rider, which ended up not even making the NCAA tournament last season.

My larger point is that you guys always get excited for the season and they disappoint under Chambers when the season starts. Last season's team should have been an NCAA tournament team. I'm not saying it wasn't great winning the NIT, it was. However, the NIT is not the NCAA tournament and winning the NIT does very little to increase a program's visibility or help in recruiting from year to year. 

I notice a lot of people on this site and BSD seem to be happy and satisfied with NIT appearances, when that doesn't advance or help the program increase it's visibility at all.

Comment 04 Nov 2018

I did watch most of the first half and the end of the second half on my computer while doing other stuff. Hey, I never said they didn't look good. But it is an exhibition game. If this were a real game WVU would have won by around 20 points. WVU was clearly going through the motions in the first half and then they woke up and decided to play. I will agree with you inasmuch we learned a little bit about the players, but who knows how they will play come regular season. Last season they promptly lost the first game of the season and it could happen again with out Tony and Mike there.

Comment 04 Nov 2018

You just laid it out: The problem is all three are in our division, but the bigger problem is that the histories and recruiting prowess of those two schools pretty much ensures that they will be competitive every season...This may not have been the case in the past but is definitely the case now.

I don't think that the PSU has to make it a point to focus on those programs and "make coaching decisions" solely on beating them, but you do have to beat them, especially UM and OSU, at least some of the time to get to that "elite" status. The one year PSU did win the B1G they beat 2 of the 3. Ideally, it would be nice for PSU to hold serve at home most of the time and if they lose on the road, that isn't too unexpected (unless that team is bad that year), but as a well coached team will do, every now and then they have to surprise one of those guys in their house. Taking out the first two seasons of Franklin's tenure is fair, but even then, he and the coaches have allowed both MSU and OSU to win at Beaver Stadium without once winning in that time at their home fields. 

Whether it is lack of confidence or just a lack of recognizing match-ups, if Franklin can't pass that kind of hump, PSU isn't going to be elite and he will never be considered a great coach. I do think that if they continue to lose to those teams, yes, eventually you have to fire him, because especially with the quality of recruits we are starting to pull in, there is no excuse for at least some B1G titles and maybe one or two appearances in the CFP. As far as who it is, maybe Venables from Clemson, or get Gattis back here after Franklin fails and bring him on as HC. Admittedly, that is just spitballing right now.

Comment 04 Nov 2018

I think it has to be said that some of the coaching decisions not only in the hiring of assistants but in preparation for each game should be scrutinized heavily. Additionally, the fact that the problems with the O-line and the offensive player reception "drops" have not gotten better throughout the season point to a fundamental problem in the way these aspects of the game are being taught. There is also a lack of discipline generally with these kids and that has been a hallmark of much of CJF's career. Certain coaches have to be shown the door after this season. One positive note is that the defense does seem to have gotten a bit better in their tackling and general play, but we will see if that continues against WISC next Saturday.

I have to wonder right now whether James Franklin is even a "good coach", we know he is a great recruiter, but I don't even know about being a good coach. I think about some of the questionable play-calling and in game moves that he has shown over his career clearly contradict that statement. Additionally, as it has already been said, the in game decision to keep McSorely in there for so long was absolutely wrong in this past game. I think Franklin is only "ok" at best and that is it, there is a whole lot of room for improvement. Considering how the loss of his assistants has affected him this much and he has not made good decisions in replacing them (besides Moorhead, who was basically good but I think a bit overrated himself), I think there are a lot of questions to be asked about his abilities to judge a good assistant.

Many people like to compare Franklin to Dabo Swinney and PSU to Clemson, but we have to look at the coaches Dabo has as well, who are much better coaches at teaching kids how to play the game properly and they recruit really well. Franklin and PSU has a long way to go to reach that level.

I've said it before and I will say it again, I think we will know a lot about Franklin and these coaches in the next two seasons (2019 & 2020), with the growth and maturation of all these talented players who should be able to play with anyone in the country. Additionally, I really believe Franklin has to pick up wins on the road against UM, MSU and OSU sometime in the next two seasons (at least 2 of those 3), as well as beating those teams at home which he did not do this season. This should eventually happen if you have good coaching. A good coaching staff will motivate talented players to get those tough victories at some point. So far with the way PSU has generally played on the road against these opponents, it doesn't seem he and the coaches are good motivators (last year's game at OSU as well, because of the way that game was choked away).

If it is the same results the next two seasons as this season with underwhelming play, strange playcalling and players not being motivated, I think you have to consider moving on from Franklin...because I think he will have shown at that point that he is unwilling to change or do anything different. Now, as to who that would be...who knows. But not being able to make the right decisions, coach your team in the fundamentals, motivate these kids, or call a good game means that Franklin just doesn't know how to coach or manage a team.

Comment 19 Oct 2018

This makes a lot of sense, and I rarely compliment Chambers, but Kudos to him for sticking by Mike and not revealing/intimating to this. I hope Mike gets better, though it will take time, and if he needs time away from the team as well that should be allowed. Good luck to Mike and I hope he gets himself to a better place!

Comment 18 Oct 2018

Not at all. Let's be reasonable now, it was the NIT. To win it was great, but its a second tier tournament and not what PSU Mens BB should be aiming for every year.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

FortheGlory, I didn't say Chambers should give up on him, but I think it is a pertinent question to ask the kid given his troubles. I found it odd after last season that even after his injury, he came out and said he was returning for another season (even though there was almost no chance he would have been drafted). He certainly wants to stay to improve his stock to get to the NBA, but I think the question Chambers has to ask for the sake of the team is: Does Mike missing multiple games and getting into trouble all the time help us or hurt us?

The obvious answer is that it hurts them. And it hurts them tremendously. Depending on how many games he will miss because of these issues, it will probably cost them an NCAA tournament bid. I think if he misses numerous games (which is likely) it will probably cost them an NIT appearance as well. The problem is Chambers has no pressure at all to win at PSU, so he isn't worried about getting to the NCAA tournament, that is why the question won't be asked even though it should. If Chambers felt some pressure, he probably would ask that question and it's entirely fair given Mike's penchant for academic and legal troubles. Because his missing time only hurts this team. If the team knew he was gone at least they could prepare, practice and adjust their game without him. Bottomline, he is really hurting the team because he can't stay out of trouble, so maybe you should allow him to leave and concentrate on what he really wants, which is to play in the NBA. That is all I'm saying, it is most certainly a question that should be asked of Mike.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Cooper is a good comparison to what CJF looks like right now. Another guy he reminds me of is Mark Richt, who despite winning quite a bit had difficulty beating the quality teams in his conference. Otherwise, I believe the rumor is that he was "persuaded" (lol) by others (Sandy, boosters, etc.) to ditch Donovan, who he still was going to keep as his OC even after that horrible 2015. What I don't like about Rahne is what I've noted above: besides Trace, Miles and Hamler, he doesn't seem to have confidence in the rest of the offense, even in Freimuth (spelling is probably wrong there) who should be targeted a lot more..something I don't understand. Some of that is warranted with the drops, but they are your starters and unless you are going to demote them, you have to give them reps and chances to make amends.

I agree that 2020 is probably the best shot to make the playoffs, however I think if the coaches get there act together they can also do it next season or 2021. But it's up to them.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

I think Chambers should sit MW down and ask one question: "Do you want to be here?" It is clear that Mike has NBA aspirations and college doesn't seem to be the right place for Mike with the academic and legal troubles he has had, maybe he should just forego what we all thought would be his final year anyway, and just concentrate on training and building his skill set for the NBA. It does no good to stay when you are hurting your team and hurting its small chances for an NCAA tournament bid.