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Comment 21 May 2020

I know this is high praise but I really think Pat's upside is somewhere between Jason Witten and Heath Miller- He's got that kind of talent, build, and mentality to be an annual threat for a pro bowl nod, and if he keeps developing could be an annual all-pro type TE.

Maybe I've just been hitting the blue kool aid a little hard this morning, idk.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

Ciarocca had some nice things come together for him at WMU and Minny in terms of talent that happened to come through while he was there, and the best thing to see is that he managed to harness the talent rather than have the talent carry him (if that makes sense).

He's never had as many shiny toys to play with as he does now.The lack of spring ball isn't ideal (and some of the data here points to a sharper learning curve than most offenses) but I still really like this fit.

Comment 09 Apr 2020

Okay, that's what I thought. I'll always have a soft spot for that foursome of King, Williams, Butler, and Norwood. Their freshman year coincided with mine. Not a bad time to get into PSU football either, hah. I'd been only tangentially aware of college football things prior to actually getting to Penn State. Like I knew who JoePa was, but didn't really get HOW big of a deal he was, or how big of a deal PSU football was. Didn't buy student tickets my freshman year either. Realized that was a mistake when the campus became a GHOST town for the USF game. Never missed a game after that as a student.

Comment 06 Apr 2020

You guys are NUTS and WRONG give me those unheard of 3-star guys who out-play their rankings so whenever a stars debate comes up I can point to them as a single data point, but I won't remember them at all if they don't pan out. THOSE are the guys that make a REAL PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYER imo.

Comment 20 Mar 2020

I think this can be summed up as "you gotta risk it for the biscuit, but not when you're incapable of designing an offense around the tools you have available to you because it ends up putting your offense in impossible positions to succeed"

Galen and BO'B might have avoided Havoc Plays but neither relied much on big plays, and neither produced offenses that produced like JoeMo's did despite the relative lack of efficiency in the running game those two years.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

-Under (I think we lean on the running game, and no spring ball hurts implementation of a new passing game)
-Under (not sure who that special teams game breaker is on the roster yet)
-Over (probably see some shuffling and at least bump or bruise, so there's 5 pretty quickly)
-Under (but only because RB3 and maybe even 4 get more than just token end-of-blowout carries, there will be a lot of carries to go around)
-Under (but fairly close, and only because we'll be leaning on the running game-- he probably will lead team in TDs and come in 2nd in rec yards)

Comment 05 Mar 2020

Here's the question-- would it be better to be a 4/5 seed (and a weaker first-round matchup) and have to go through the #1 seed in a region, or better to be a 3 or (more likely) 6 seed and have the bottom half their region but have to, more likely, go through a stronger team in the 1st round?

I realize that's putting the cart before the horse a little bit, but it's something to think about.

Comment 04 Mar 2020

This one sucked. Maybe Lamar was too amped up from the start or something.

Gotta wonder if playing Stevens at the 5 for a small ball lineup again (it was done earlier this year) might snap a team out of a funk when the centers are clearly getting worked and it doesn't matter who is in the game, rather than just swapping Watkins/Harrar out for one another every time.

MJ, Dread, Brock, Lundy, Stevens. Who says no? Not saying you run that lineup for more than 3 or 4 minutes, maybe just use it as a spark to get the team going when it's in a funk. Keeps the paint clear (though Harrar is pretty good at moving off the ball and not bogging down the paint) since all 5 can shoot. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

"It was hard to show love in a place like the inner city, because love gets you killed in Philly." like holy shit, dudes.

Imagine the kind of emotional trauma that feeling that way about love inflicts on a person. And then having bipolar disorder on top of it.

It's a huge testament to Watkins to be able to open up about ANYthing emotional, let alone a mental illness with such a stigma attached to it.