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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Penn State over OSU 2016
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Comment 30 Nov 2016

Yes, if Clemson loses they are out and the possibility of Penn State moving up remains high.

As stated, it was for the situation. However with that being said, I think Clemson is much better than VT, so I look at them winning very easily. My opinion differs from the committee's in which they have placed the Tigers in the top 4 all year, while I saw them as an overrated team that was playing very shaky football leading up to the home loss against Pitt. Clearly they give great credit to heisman finalist, Deshaun Watson and Clemson being last year's runner up. As to the comment regarding it helping PSU the most, I would say that isn't necessarily true. I believe a Washington loss to Colorado helps Penn State more (assuming PSU wins Big Ten). From there, you'll see numbers 4 and 6 drop leaving a big opportunity for Penn State to reach the playoff. This is different from Clemson losing because it would mean that a 3rd ranked team has a longer way to fall than the Huskies. I take that into consideration, because if you look at how Michigan and Clemson fell following loses, the committee seems to favor them and keep them very high. You also see this in Louisville. A team coming off a blowout loss to Houston and an extremely bad loss to instate rival, Kentucky. That's a team who has the Heisman frontrunner and already had a loss to Clemson. Yet, they sit at 13 when if it was any other program, they would no longer be ranked (I.e Texas A&M). 

Whether its Clemson losing or Washington losing, Penn State does give the committee a lot to think about in the last rankings. And coming from a committee that has shown it likes the Lions' resume, by putting the blue and white all the way up at number 12 in the initial rankings, it seems very unlikely that Michigan gets the bid over a team that won the shared division and conference, even with a 39 point head to head loss early in the season. 

Sadly there are no boxes to check to solidify a spot in the playoff, so it will all come down to how the committee values a conference championship. Common sense would tell you that the champion of the best conference in college football should go either way, but according to the latest rankings with Michigan ahead of both Wisconsin and Penn State, that seems to still be a long shot.

Hope they both lose to get Penn State into playoff, but still be very happy with a Rose Bowl appearance against Washington, Colorado, or USC. 

Comment 30 Nov 2016

I agree and feel this team has learned a lot and matured very quickly and is ready for the big stage. Will be very interesting to see how Brent Pry plans on containing Clement. Not going to stop him, but can contain him enough to the point where it forces Wisconsin into throwing the pigskin more than they'd like too. If that happens and Penn State doesn't need 3 quarters of warming up to play, I see Nittany Lions taking this by double digits. Safe to say each tell will "get their's" and this will be a very close game. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

mainly because Notre Dame went 4-8 lol but yeah Go State, great site!

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Team has made great strides since Michigan game. Fully expect this team to be ready to go on Saturday. They know they can play with pretty good teams, need to be able to run the football better though.