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Comment 31 Aug 2017

All three seem like good candidates for us, especially to fill out our rotation. I like the size of all these guys, it's a shame we can't get wingspan measurements, but we definitely could use some size on the perimeter with Reaves being an upperclassmen, Bostick remaining an unknown, Davis not being able to get on the floor a lot and Dread & Bolton both not being the biggest.

Comment 25 Aug 2017

The bracket is not seeded similarly to NCAA. UWW only seeded 4 wrestlers for the tournament, then randomly drew the rest, they just assign those numbers numerically in order.

If you'll notice, the wrestler at the top, Zurabi Iakobishvili is listed as (TS-1) or top seed 1. On the bottom is Franklin Gomez, he is listed as TS-2, or top seed 2.

The two other top seeds did not register for the tournament, so the random numbers begin at 3 (i.e. first number after the seeded wrestlers are placed), and they go in order down to the final entrant, number 31.

Comment 19 Jul 2017

This is a bit loaded. Are you concerned Myles won't sign the early LOI in November and bail in April if PSU doesn't make the tourney (which I would not say as an absolute, they will have a decent chance)? Because this post has pulled me in like 5 or 6 different directions in terms of what you could possibly be thinking here. 

Comment 14 Jul 2017

That is one of the additional rumors that have been swirling as to why. That does not really fit Cael though, he's usually been pretty flexible with guys wanting to switch weights. Heck, there was rumored controversy surrounding Bo Nickal last year moving up to 184, but Cael let him do it. If Suriano can't stay at 125 healthily, then it's irresponsible to let him compete. As much as Cortez or Keener could figure into plans at 133, it doesn't make sense to hold back Suriano imo since he has more potential to place high than those 2. 

Comment 14 Jul 2017

This is my gut feeling as well with re: to something going on behind the scenes. There have been a few rumors as to why Suriano may be looking to transfer, however, they never seemed to hone in on any one in particular. Instead of unfairly speculating on the "why," I decided to omit it.