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Comment 12 Jun 2018

It seems incredibly weird to me to blame Trace McSorley more than other parts of the team for playing the biggest role in their losses to Pittsburgh, Michigan, USC or Ohio State. If you want to blame him for a poor game against Michigan State, then fine, go ahead. However, he unequivocally was not the main culprit for us losing either of those other 4 games. Your attempts to discredit easily our best QB since Kerry Collins are incredibly tiring and as someone who has watched PSU since 1992, I honestly don't know how you can have watched all the PSU QBs that have come through during that time period and think this negative of Trace. 

Comment 03 Apr 2018

Penn State will be fine at heavyweight. Seth Nevills will come in to replace his brother in the 2019-20 season. Nick had another brother on the team, AJ Nevills, who transferred to Fresno State and qualified for NCAAs this year at heavyweight. Could easily see a scenario where Nick or Seth have to wrestle their brother at some point in their careers. 

Comment 14 Mar 2018

Thanks for reading! I may be conservative on our bonus point potential and that is generally true. As a rule, I usually will skew on the conservative side of things since they can be so unpredictable. The only thing I would predict comfortably is we'll have more than everyone else, but who gets them, and how many can be tough to predict if they aren't Zain Retherford, healthy Jason Nolf or Kyle Snyder. I also think I was pretty kind to Ohio State in these predictions, considering the field at 125 and 197, I wouldn't be surprised to see them come up short at both classes, even if I think they likely have the best guys at those weights. If that happens, I think Penn State would win the title.

I do think there will be a bit of an edge to the wrestlers from Michigan, Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma State, since this tournament is basically viewed as a coronation for Ohio State or Penn State, it can lead to some "us against the world" kind of thinking. Who knows what effect that has, but it can lead to tighter matches than anticipated. Will be fun!