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Comment 17 Oct 2018

Definitely, I think he's more in the Vincenzo kind of mold. I think he'll blow out a lot of guys, but you won't see him rack up the pins and techs that someone like Zain or Nolf would. Even still, he's looking good, and I think he can take advantage of a weight class with a lot of guys I like but no real standouts. 

Comment 19 Sep 2018

It's a little of column A and a little of column B. I'll write more in depth about it as we get closer to the season, but here's the significant moves from both rosters:

Ohio State

  • OUT - Kyle Snyder (285, 3x champion), Bo Jordan (174, 4x AA), Nathan Tomasello (125, 1x champ, 4x AA)
  • IN - Malik Heinselman (125, Fr.) or Hunter Lucas (125, So.), Kaleb Romero (165, RS So., bumps Te'shan Campbell up to 174, 0 AA) and Chase Singletary (285, RS Fr.)


  • OUT - Phillip Laux (133, no AAs), Brandon Sorensen (149, 4x AA, 1x Finalist), Mitch Bowman (184, no AA)
  • IN - Austin Desanto (133, 1 R12), Patricio Lugo (149, 1x R12), Jacob Warner (197, Fr., moves Cash Wilcke to 184)

Ohio State lost two legitimate national championship contenders and the best wrestler in the world. They added a bunch of guys who can compete but none of them are obvious AA candidates. Iowa lost 1 very good wrestler, and two none AA contenders for 3 AA contenders and Warner could be a high placer at 197. Hawkeyes will be good, but I expect we will be much better than the field this year. 2019-20 is shaping up to be a much more interesting year once Nickal, Nolf, Cassar and Nevills graduate. 

Comment 21 Aug 2018

We have 3-4 talent? Who is playing NT or the WDE in a 3-4? I'm not sure we even have the depth at LB to make that work either. We are a 4-3 team pretty much out of necessity. The only player we had that would fit a 3-4 scheme well on the DL would've been Buchholz. 

Comment 21 Aug 2018

Re: recruiting, what is your distinction between football players and athletes? You do realize that players who are generally 4 and 5 star players are not only excellent football players, but they are also excellent athletes. That's why they are rated over 3 stars and below (typically anyway). 

Comment 12 Jun 2018

It seems incredibly weird to me to blame Trace McSorley more than other parts of the team for playing the biggest role in their losses to Pittsburgh, Michigan, USC or Ohio State. If you want to blame him for a poor game against Michigan State, then fine, go ahead. However, he unequivocally was not the main culprit for us losing either of those other 4 games. Your attempts to discredit easily our best QB since Kerry Collins are incredibly tiring and as someone who has watched PSU since 1992, I honestly don't know how you can have watched all the PSU QBs that have come through during that time period and think this negative of Trace.