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Comment 12 Feb 2019

I honestly think OSU is going to be better, as they won't be as one dimensionally reliant on a running QB to bail them out of every tough game.  Their vertical passing game this year (except us, perhaps) was really impressive - for a change.

Comment 23 Sep 2017
Was going to suggest that it was nice the Iowa fans stopped smoking meth long enough to post on a message board. But reading what was posted, it's clear they were still smoking meth WHILE posting.
Comment 08 Sep 2017
Time to go change the water in Narduzzi's Mama's dish. #HateHateHate
Comment 07 Sep 2017
Perhaps. PSU's site gives us six more wins, so I'm going with that.
Comment 07 Sep 2017
Um, I'm no math major, but isn't this the 98th meeting? As in, the record is 50-43-4 in Penn State's favor?
Comment 15 Jun 2017
Other ideas: 1. Marshmallows thrown by student section, sponsored by Hershey (thanking corporate sponsors NEVER gets old) 2. Lines so long to get in and past security that people feel like they're waiting 130 years 3. JoePa statue flown in by drone as the National Anthem ends and deposited on the sideline 4. We bring back the fullback position, making old fans feel very, very nostalgic. 5. Fans go apeshit and boo when fullback gets an early down carry and fails to get yardage...just like they booed every time this happened '76 through '07 6. Concession stands sell Coke products again, because seriously NO ONE likes Pepsi.